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  1. Bersa UC .45 sights

    I bought an older model bersa used at a pawn shop for my dad. So far I'm regretting the buy. It feels great, I like the size, but we can't shoot it accurately and it doesn't want to eject every shell. Tried new magazine and ammo with same results. I don't really want to focus on that problem though. I want to know if there's anything I can do with the sights? The only people I can find swapping out sights have the newer pro model. I'm wondering if I'm better off selling it and getting something else.

  3. There's a great community of Bersa owners at

    The waranty service is really good too, I'd suggest giving them a call. I have a 380 of theirs and it's my EDC. I love the thing.

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    I'd have a good gunsmith check it out before I'd trade it off. Check out, and they'll have some info about the best warranty centers for Bersa.
    You may have to pay for whatever repairs they need to make... but then, you may not. Bersas own contracted repair centers will be your best bet. I bet. :o)
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