Is it safe to dry fire a pistol?
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Thread: Is it safe to dry fire a pistol?

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    Is it safe to dry fire a pistol?

    What kind of damage can be done from dry firing your pistol without a snap cap? Does a spent casing work just as well as a snap cap? Have you had any damage done to any of your firearms due to dry firing?

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    No substantial damage unless the firearm is a .22 rim fire.

    None of my firearms have broken after thousands of dry firing.

    None of my firearms have broken on letting the slide go into battery with out a magazine inserted.

    Edit: It looks like from the responses below, certain modern .22 rim fire firearms are okay to dry fire. Look at your manual or contact your firearm manufacturer and see what they say if you can't find the answer.
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    I agree. Dry fire is a recommended method of training and modern firearms are perfectly fine to dry fire.

  5. Ya you're good unless you're using an old hammer fired gun "where the firing pin is a part of the hammer". Even most rimfires will be fine, it's all modern design.

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    ^^^ These guys said it well.
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    I've got an old H&R .22 revolver with the firing pin attached to the hammer. do spent casing work instead of snap caps?

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    the problem with 22's is that they fire by punching a dent to the rim....without a case there, the firing pin strikes the cylinder where the rim should be, and many of them (firing pins) have been broken by doing so.

    A spent case should provide enough cushion, but I'm not sure how many times you can dry fire this way before 'denting' the old case too far/deeply and reaching the cylinder frame with the firing pin... Pay attention as to how deep the dent gets over time, and you should be OK. When u get around to it, snap caps in 22 would probably be a good idea.

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    Common 4-6 wall anchors are a cheap substitute for snap caps for .22's. After they get beat up, toss them.

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    An Australian shooter comes over here every-so-often and cleans up in our national Service Pistol competition gold medal when he does. In a coaching session he told us that he does 1 million dry fires per year as part of his training regimen. I believe he uses a S&W 686. I'm nowhere near as dedicated as he is and don't even approach a 10th of that number. I'm not concerned about damage if he isn't.

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    On a centerfire gun, pistol or revolver, when dry fired the firing pin don't hit anything so it should not be damaged, on a rimfire the firing pin will hit steel on steel so yes it can be damaged if a snap cap or at least a spent case is used
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