Duracoating Walther PPS frame?
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Thread: Duracoating Walther PPS frame?

  1. Duracoating Walther PPS frame?

    I'm wanting to duracoat the frame of my Walther PPS and I'm waning to know what all needs to be done to be able to do that. Do I have to take the entire frame apart? Does anybody know where I could find instructions on how to do that?

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    Duracoating Walther PPS frame?

    Yes usually you want to strip down the frame and remove the trigger group. I'm not very familiar with the PPS but sometimes this can be avoided with careful masking and monitoring your overspray. Usually it's easier just to strip it though. As far as prep, make sure to clean and degrease it well, and then follow the instructions for surface prep. Honestly, i know it sounds iffy sometimes, but some of the best instructions I've seen on frame disassembly have come from YouTube videos. Learned to to strip, my LC9, J-frame, Glocks, and others from YouTube videos over the years. Other times, it's just careful trial and error and paying attention to what goes where.

  4. Here's the finished project. Turned out quite well..
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