Nice priced pistol SW SD9VE
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Thread: Nice priced pistol SW SD9VE

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    Nice priced pistol SW SD9VE

    I have found a nicely made pistol that is priced a very fair price.

    Smith and Wesson SD9VE (also in 40). Found at my local academy store for $319.

    Basically a glock clone.

    The main complaints with this weapon is:

    A) people thinking they are a sigma (not correct)


    B) The hard-ish trigger pull.

    With response to the trigger pull: I added a spring replacement kit from apex tactical ($25) and it make all the difference in the world.

    Just thought Id post this as I am so happy with it.

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    Nice priced pistol SW SD9VE

    Nice gun! It is the precursor to the M&P line.
    The trigger kit will help as will dry firing.
    Give a range report after you busted out a few caps!

    ETA: people for some reason still call your gun a Sigma, which it is not.
    Post pics if you get a chance.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Nice priced pistol SW SD9VE

    It is called a Smith and Wesson Sig. I have had the 9mm for a year and did change springs. It is a great weapon. Supposedly last year was the last run of them because of the MP.
    No problems no miss feeds and very accurate.

  5. It is a good gun (I had the .40). The only real down-side was the trigger pull (9 lbs!)... I never had any problems beyond that. However, when I test fired the M&P I bought it that very day and gave up the VE.

    You could just save yourself the money and just buy the M&P now. If you are really strapped for cash and need a good handgun, then the VE with the trigger fix is not necessarily a bad buy, but you will trade-up eventually.

    Have fun

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