You just can't do so and remain a lazy cheapskate, that's all. If you guarantee a decent purse, people will play by your rules. :-) The rules for ball games were not etched on stone by the hand of god, you know. Some MAN invented those rules, and people just decided to abide by them. If you guarantee at least a $500 purse, with first place paying say, 18% of the total purse, 2nd place paying 16%, 3rd paying 14%, and the last 10% or so going to 20th place, and advertise it well via posters at gun stores, shows, ranges, etc, you WILL get 20 people who will pay $20 each for a shot at the prizes! Then all you have to do is WIN, and the match will have cost you very little.

Be sure to state clearly that the gear must be well concealed under a shirt, must show such and such energy on a scale and chronograph, offer to rent out such gear, etc, and people will be there. Say that they must start hand on gun, in pants pocket, etc, and that is the sort of gear that they will use! say that they can use whatever they want ( no prizes for such entries) and guess how many will bother you with non-compliant gear? :-) If you want all shots to be inside 10 yds, over 3/4 of them inside 5 yds, over half of them inside 10 ft, and at least 1/4 of them at arm's length, inside a 'dark house" (2x 4 frames and 2 sheets of black plastic) using a flashlight, while moving, using cover, etc, that is the way they will shoot. If you say that no stage of fire will have more than 3 targets, very few will have no more than 2 targets,and the great majority will be at one target,and that the time limits will be 1.5 seconds and less, that some stages wills start gun in hand, etc, then that is the way it will be, and people will find OUT how "good" they are (or aint, most likely) with realistic conditions and gear.

This will put a stop to all the the "if they used, such and such, I'd win" bs, along with all the "I'm the best, cause I can afford the most cheating gear" talk, too.