In 9mm, Walther PPS or Springfield XD-S
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Thread: In 9mm, Walther PPS or Springfield XD-S

  1. In 9mm, Walther PPS or Springfield XD-S

    I have my thoughts, was just curious about others. Please stick to only these 2, no other recommendations. Do your best to explain your decision instead of just saying which one you like. I am not interested in the XD-S .45

  3. In 9mm, Walther PPS or Springfield XD-S

    I have the Walther PPS in .40. I prefer it because of the single stack magazine and the size fits my hand the best. I have only had a couple of FTF, but I am pretty sure it was the ammo( Remington UMC). I carry using a crossbreed supertuck, and it is very comfortable for long periods of time. It is sometimes hard to find accessories in stores, but it has gotten easier over the last few years.

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    I started out with a 1911 in my hand. So while some will disagree, I like a gun with the grip safety.
    I do have a Walther p22 though, & so far it has been a pleasure to own/shoot.
    My first real carry gun was a SA XD 9mm SUB COMPACT.
    I have the XDS in 45 & it runs flawlwssly. I have read only good reports on the new 9mm.

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    For me it was the PPS due to size. I have small hands and cannot properly grip many guns including the XDs. Love the Walther; super thin for great carry, small-ish form factor and shoots almost everything I feed it. Some don't like the Euro mag release, but I have other German guns and absolutely prefer the mag release on the trigger guard. Your mileage may vary.
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    while both guns would be fine to own I would prefer the PPS. I think that the PPS is a better made more durable weapon and I do not like the safety system on the xd line

  7. I liked the way the small PPS fit my large hand with the 8-round magazine. It shot beautifully, but I got rid of it because the thin grip was uncomfortable to shoot after awhile. While it wasn't a major factor in replacing it with something else, I was turned off by the outrageous price I'd have to pay if I ever had to replace the recoil spring, and that was assuming I could even find one. Magazines are equally outrageously priced.

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