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  1. Got my new Sig P938

    Yes... I got the P938 via Gunbroker online. Had one ordered via Rockwell Arms but after 4 months decided I didn't want to wait any longer. I ordered on Thursday, June 13... arrived at my FFL on Monday... went to my PLO on Wednesday and shot 50 rounds through it last night (Thurs).

    Love the sights. I loaded 5 rounds at a time, at 7 yards all 5 on the target and within 6 inches of center with 1 in the center red zone. Loaded 5 more rounds and about the same. Loaded 5 more rounds and knelt down and supported my arm and 4 of the 5 in the red zone. Ran flawless through the first 50 rounds.

    In the dark, complete dark... the 3 dots on the sight glow in the dark. In low light they really stand out well. So far happy with my decision and the P938 is really only about 1/4 inch longer than my 380 S&W Bodyguard and the grip is slightly wider. Oh yeah the trigger, Excellent. Very short pull. Love it!

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Amsdorf View Post
    Pics or it did not happen, you know the rules.
    OK I'll try to get pics up tomorrow. Didn't know the rules.

  5. The first pic is my son shooting the Sig P938 Equinox with 115 gr Blazers at 7 yards. The 2nd pic is the first 15 shots he fired with it. The 3rd pic is a closeup of him holding the Sig. The 4th pic is my first 5 shots and the last is my next 5 shots. These were all today.

    Got my new Sig P938-dscn0592.jpgGot my new Sig P938-dscn0593.jpgGot my new Sig P938-dscn0594.jpgGot my new Sig P938-dscn0595.jpgGot my new Sig P938-dscn0596.jpg

  6. Wow, that is nice.

  7. I bought the Extreme P938 it is a great gun with a short trigger pull with a quick reset this is my first Sig. It probably won't be my last Sig either.
    I don't want to break any rules here so here's my pic.
    Got my new Sig P938-imageuploadedbytapatalk1373268883.765459.jpg

  8. So far I got about 150 rounds through the P938 w/o a hiccup. All I have shot are 115 gr Blazer aluminum and brass and 115gr Remington brass. I really like the gun. I did purchase a cheap ammo loader to assist with the really stiff magazine spring. Works great!!

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