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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmach View Post
    My wife has been checking out the 500 at the last few shows. I am a blessed man. She is the one that pushes me for more guns.
    Does she have any single sisters?? lol
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    Does she have any single sisters?? lol
    Unfortunately, no. It is amazing that she is like this considering her Mom is so afraid of guns.

    When I bought a 1000rds of 7.62 x 39 the other day, her response was, "That's all"?
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    frank.macher Guest
    LOL, lucky lucky man.

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    What is the safety system on the M&P? Are some available with a safety? I don't know much about the M&P, but they seem like great guns.

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    M&P's are great guns. I have put a couple thousand rounds through my 9mm and never had a problem. I also carry a PT145, but I prefer the M&P.

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    Congrats on the gun. Nothing like getting a new firearm to make ones day. Glad to here you wife is on board when it comes to guns. I have be blessed in that respect also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMS23 View Post
    What is the safety system on the M&P? Are some available with a safety? I don't know much about the M&P, but they seem like great guns.

    Yes, there are versions out there with safeties, they usually say in the description. I've been carrying the full size for about 6 months when I go on patrol with the Sheriff Dept. The nice things they have are pretty well described on the S&W home page.

    The loaded chamber indicator, the palm swells, the light rail, it's all been upgraded for the M&P from the other polymer versions they made before.

    Kind of like a Glock, but also not. The trigger reset is different, the grip is better than a Glock. They come in Tan and Black as well.

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    Thanks for the info. Are the ones with no external safety as safe as Glock?

  10. Just got a fullsize M&P45 last week myself (Desert Tan). Only been to the range with it once (yesterday evening) and only had enough time for about 100 rounds, but so far it shoots great! I was a little apprehensive because the trigger felt a little heavy and gritty when dry firing, but it felt pretty good while shooting live ammo. I was stuck shooting from 25 yards without a rest (the closest you can get at our local range is 25 yards - if no one else is there, I usually move up to 10 or 15 yards, but silly me, I decided to go shoot the night before deer season opened, so the range was full of rifle shooters) but even offhand at that distance, I kept pretty much all the shots inside an 8" target. I don't think I'll actually carry mine as I'm kind of small, and it's kind of big; but, with a Lasermax Uni-Max laser sight and an Insight Procyon light, it makes a great "nightstand gun."
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