Why i like glocks
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Thread: Why i like glocks

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    Why i like glocks

    Yes, the Glock is an ugly hunk of plastic and metal. Yes, it is ridiculed by some as the "tupperware" pistol. Yes, some people turn their noses down at the thought of a Glock. It's kind of "cool" to be anti-Glock, particularly on gun forums where some regard it as a mark of their knowledge of firearms to "hate the plastic pistol" etc. Others just don't like it because they think it is has, well, a face only a mother would love. There's nothing stylish about a Glock. On the other hand: they do what they are made to do, reliably. They are very easy to maintain. They require little by way of training to learn how to get it to go bang. Some hate that they have no external safety. With a round in the chamber, all you do is pull the trigger and it goes bang and you keep pulling the trigger until the magazine runs out of ammo. That's good, for some, bad for others.

    But, frankly, I like Glocks because they have a proven track record of simply working. They just work.

    So, without further ado: here is my "Why I Like Glock" video, and, as always, offered respectfully, FWIW, mindful that YMMV.

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    In the beginning I did not like them.
    As to ugly, yes they are, but there are a few that keep up with them.

    I have changed my mind over the years. My $550 Glock 9x19, with almost
    all parts 'after market' & three barrels, everything, adds up to
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    I don't like Glocks because I don't like the way they feel in my hands. That's it in a nutshell.

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    I hated the Glock when it first came out. Ugly square black piece of plastic without a hammer to cock. For me it was a 1911 only. That was then. Today I own a Glock 21 Gen 4 and love everything about it. It's amazing how time changes so many things. In my present humble opinion, I think every .45 auto lover should own at least one 1911 & Glock pistol. Best of both worlds.
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    I was the same way too. Couldn't stand the looks of them then one weekend (about 12 years ago) I was on an extended assignment of all places Fresno California. Bored to death (mainly because I was in Fresno), I ventured out on a Saturday and found a local GS that had an indoor range. They rented guns and it was not very busy and the RO said that for my 9.00 dollars I could shoot any of the pistols I wanted as long as I bought the ammo (which was reasonably priced). I picked the Glock because I had never shot one before and wanted to prove to myself that they performed just as bad as they looked. Went from the 9MM to the 40 and then the 45. I really liked the .40 and shot it well. Upon returning home the following week I was the proud owner of a new Glock 27. Over the years I have added several more to my collection. I am about the only one here locally that shoots a Glock in the USPSA and IDPA matches. I used to get all kinds of comments about my Euro-Trash mostly from the 1911 shooters but that ended when I took first place in a steel challenge match with a G22. It was my turn to trash the 1911 shooters which I did by saying "why don't you get rid of the sissy thing and try a real gun". I don't have anything against the 1911's. It's a good platform and I have shot many over the years and would buy one tomorrow if the price was right but if the SHTF my glocks will be right there with me.
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    Why i like glocks

    Love Glocks. I have my guns that are there to have lots of fun with and look pretty and then I have my working guns (which are still a ton of fun to shoot.) Glocks' long standing reputation for reliability can't be beat and neither can their mag capacity for frame size. Currently I own a Glock 23 and 26 and my next will be a 20.

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    Glock's are excellent weapons. I've owned the G22 .40 and the G17.
    I don't like a pistol without an external safety.
    Just my preference but all in all, Glock is a great gun (except for the plastic sights, yuck!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    Glock's are excellent weapons. I've owned the G22 .40 and the G17.
    I don't like a pistol without an external safety.
    Just my preference but all in all, Glock is a great gun (except for the plastic sights, yuck!).

    Sent from behind enemy lines.
    My 23 and and 26 both came with factory night sights which were steel. I wouldn't like plastic sights either..

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    another silly fanboy post, before you go nuts, I own 2 glocks but I don't ever feel the need to proffer my love of the weapon like some people do.

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    Buy the gun that fits best to you and your style of shooting. Buy one that is comfortable, that you shoot well and most importantly, that you will carry.

    I don't care what the model is.

    I ride motorcycles and have heard these same inane conversations about the "best motorcycle". Fact is, if there were one perfect firearm and one perfect motorcycle, we wouldn't see so many makes and models of both.

    Shoot what you've got, and shoot effectively.
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