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    Why I like Bersa guns

    I have a Bersa Thunder .380 and also a Thunder .32 and both are completely dependable and accurate. I have put around 400 rounds thru each with no problems at all, this was a combo of FMJ and HP ammo. These are both carry guns and also home defense. I do not feel under-gunned. I also have friends who own Bersa guns, .380, 9mm, .45 and they all are dependable and accurate. Bersa is maybe the most underestimated pistols sold. They are inexpensive but are made well. Bersa also backs their guns well, so if you should have any problem it will be taken care of.

    So next time you want an affordable gun that will do you right take a look at Bersa guns.

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    Bersa Thunder .380's are fine weapons, and the .32 Bersa is something I wish I'd have gotten before they quit carrying them here in the U.S.

    There is a really good video showing 1000rnds fired from a Bersa 9mm without a single hitch ... Bersa Video - 1,000 Shots - No Jamming

    Bersa's are built well, and perform well... at least I've never had one go bad, and never saw one, personally, break. Those that I've heard of needing service, were fixed and returned at no cost to the original owners, and in one case to a second owner.

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    I really like the Bersa Thunder .32 I got mine just before they announced they were going to discontinue importing them. I have emailed Bersa in Argentina and asked them to consider sending more to the U.S. Load the .32 with FMJ and it will penetrate 4 layers of denim and get 12 inches of penetration in ballistic gel. It is really a decent self defense round and the .32 has half the recoil of a .380 so you get follow up shots off faster. People should not abandon the .32 acp.

  5. I have a Bersa Ultra Compact Pro 9mm. Great gun. You can just tell by holding it how well made it is. However, the bulky handle and weight forced me to pick the Taurus PT140 Mil Pro as my main squeeze. Both are underrated IMO.

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