XDS mag extensions...
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Thread: XDS mag extensions...

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    XDS mag extensions...

    I had a change of heart, and hope to pick up the XDS 45 very soon instead of the Taurus 24/7 compact 45. Considering the possibility of getting mag extensions, and it looks like Pearce and Impact Guns are my two choices (short of getting 7 round mags). I will probably invest in Talon grips as well; we'll see.

    Any thoughts from you guys that have used them? Pearce has the traditional pinkie hook, while Impact has a blocky mag extension.

    XDS mag extensions...-pg-xds_1.jpegXDS mag extensions...-imp-xds_1_a.jpg

    Need input!!!

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    Just picked up a couple XDs's (both 45ACP and 9mm). I have both counterpart XDm compacts, and use the Pearce grips on all the flush mags. I think it works well and doesn't add too much bulk to carry. Personally, I think the taper of the Pearce looks better than the Impact.

  4. I have both, I love the Pearce grip and the +1 extension by impact is okay, it stick out a little, I went to the range with that extension and it work great, I did brought two of the impact but I have one on the mag and the other one I took off. So I like the Pearce grip on as my carry but I use the 7 rds mag for my extra carry mag, I think that impact could have made some how their extension a little smaller.

  5. See the impact is okay but it does have a little gap in between the mag.
    XDS mag extensions...-img_0508.jpg

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    I have Pierce grips extensions on my XDs, XD40sc, and the wife's XD9sc. They improve the grip, without detracting from the carry and concealability of the gun.
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  7. Here is the other grip.
    XDS mag extensions...-owb-holsters-carry-002.jpgXDS mag extensions...-shotgun-extension-007.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojoman View Post
    Here is the other grip.
    XDS mag extensions...-owb-holsters-carry-002.jpgXDS mag extensions...-shotgun-extension-007.jpg
    I see you have the Talon grips on this one. How do you like them?

  9. I like it alot but trying to keep them on when I shoot it not so good, it came off but I have one more grip that I can try it again. In the mean time I just install the Pachmayr grip that I like the feel of but I haven't took it to the range yet.
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  10. I figure I might as well just go with the 7 round mag. I have 2 extensions and never use em.

  11. Yeah, that is what I was thinking myself but since I have them I still might keep it on one of my 5 rds mag.

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