3 guns for different circumstances
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  1. 3 guns for different circumstances

    I live in rural New Hampshire, where the only crime that happens is the occasional high school kid egging a mailbox (happened to me once in 27 years) and raccoons or foxes after my chickens. It is a very different life from Chicago or Detroit. However, I am an avid gun carrier and enthusiast. In my circumstances here, I have 3 basic carry guns. A 5 shot Taurus .38 snubby with Hydroshok +p, an NAA .22 Mag mini revolver in my pocket for those quick jaunts out back when I do not want to strap on a belt, and when i may be going into one of the cities or other areas around that are a little more urban, a Colt Officers Model .45 using 185 JHPs. I realize many living elsewhere might consider that under gunned, but I find it a practical solution for me.

  3. If it works for you and you are proficient than you should be good.

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