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  1. Revolver aesthetics /features

    Here i want to start a discussion, a CIVIL discussion, about revolvers.

    What do you like better:
    Full lug or half lug
    Blued or stainless
    Round butt or squared
    Fixed sights or adjustable
    Rubber grips or wood

    Me personally; half lug, blued, undecided, fixed, wood.
    I like having a hammer with the spur, 4" barrel (though 6 1/2" looks nice too)

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    First, I don't care too much between stainless or blued, I've owned both, but I suppose you don't have to be as concerned about stainless in the tarnish/rust prevention (although since moving east of the Mississippi River, with the much higher humidity, I've gone exclusively Stainless)

    I like round butt for small S&W model 60 types, but I prefer Square butts on heavier hunting types

    Grip wise, the rubber combat types are best in any configuration for me...I always preferred the Pachmayr rubber grips (with the finger grooves) on the larger revolvers like Pythons, and 686's, over any other type...they just felt better in hand to me.

    As far as barrel lugs go, I prefer full lugs on all revolvers....anything to tame recoil....I suppose it wouldn't matter if we're talking 22lr or magnum, in the recoil department, however, I'd still vote full lug for the steadiness of the extra weight, and I like the looks of full lugs...(on my old model 27, the half lug is just fine, being a N frame, the weight is plenty).

    sights? for a small model 60 type revolver, fixed is fine, but I really like the adjustables on the S&W 60 .357 3" barrel with full lug.... and I definitely prefer adjustable sites on all my bigger hunting/target revolvers.

    I also really like a wide smooth trigger over the serrated/checkered or thin types

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