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  1. I have a 5-inch Kimber that I carry. As long as you get a quality (design as well as construction) holster AND quality belt, carrying a full-size seems okay to me – I’m 6-ft and average build. I will admit that it is more noticeable (to me, not the general public) than a compact as far as size and weight goes, and a full-size can get UNcomfortable once you climb in the car and fasten the seatbelt. If you want a smaller, lighter rig, I recommend you pass on the 1911 and get a compact Ruger, XD or Glock.
    IF you have a friend with a .45 and a decent holster, IF that friend is willing to loan it to you for a week, and IF you don't live in a screwy state that considers such a loan a "transfer," then I recommend you try it out for a few days before going all in. (Hey, you might want a full-size 1911 even if you don't carry it every day, but why buy the concealment holster if you decide the whole thing is too heavy or too bulky...or in the case of a compact .45, too uncomfortable to shoot.)

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    Until I bought my Glock 23 my EDC was a Norinco 1911A1 OWB @ 3:00.

    I carried it for over 20 years and I still carry it but usually just to relive "the old days".

    Even after I bought the Glock it was still my work truck gun. Nowadays my work truck gun is a Taurus PT 845 .45acp

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    My Colt Commander or my S&W Sc 4.25 inch, both are flawless performers and easy to carry.

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    This thread could easily boil down into a 1911 vs polymer war. I hope not.

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    a fobus paddle style 21 should be good for Glock and 1911's (in chair) , holds close to body, easy to get out, lifetime warranty (I know, broke several over 20 yrs and they replaced).
    found out the hard way, this new Remington 1911 that is supposed to be built like military 1911 - ha,ha,ha, it is NOT ..it will NOT accept 1911 military clips ! so I went and traded for a Springfield 1911 yesterday. It is military spec all the way. The S1 model, nice gun. Jim in central Florida

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