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Thread: Which gun is better?

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    M&P all the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by molon labe View Post
    Which gun is better?
    The one you're carrying.
    Seriously, never ask others what gun you should buy, because what's good for them may not be good for you at all. Shoot both of the guns and decide for yourself. If it's a tie after shooting both, then ask others about their experience with malfunctions/repairs, long term quality, ease of cleaning, etc.
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    Im thinking of getting a new pistol but i can't decide if i want the s&w m&p or the beretta storm any sugesstions?

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    M&P all day long. I've never shot either but I've held both many times and the PX4 feels like crap in the hand. The grip is almost a perfect circle. Just not good ergonomics IMO.

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    I'm interested in a DA/SA pistol. FNX is my first choice, but I am also interested in the PX4 Storm or maybe one of the mid priced CZ PO 7/9

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    S&W,but really can't go wrong between the two

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    Apples and oranges in terms of design and fit. M&P sticks with more traditional form factors that work really well for many (more squared off appearance, narrower profile, rounded backstraps, floating barrel), while Beretta went with a complete design change - rounded features, beefier frame, rotating barrel. You go with the one that has the features you want and - most importantly - feels the most like it was made specifically for your hands.

  8. I have never used an M&P, but I've had my PX4 in 40 S&W for a while now and its pretty awesome. I haven't had any problems with mine other than some somewhat poor quality reloads that my buddy made jaming and getting stuck in the pistol. Incidently my CX4 fired them without issue. Other than that its been flawless.

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