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  1. speed vault svb500

    I was looking in for the home and quick access in case something happens at nite to have fast and safe access to my handgun. Has anybody used one or give any feed back or reviews on that safe? This will be attached on my night stand

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    Have one attached in the back seat of my truck. Now on my second one. Finger pad failed on the first. Company replaced it with a fair wait. Also have a bigger version on my bedstand. Work well and fast enough

  4. Hi, new here to this site. I have had a Speed Vault attached to the side of my night stand for about a year now and am very satisfied w/it. It is the SV500. I have little grandkids in a out so I silenced the buttons cause that will attract kids like a magnet. Very easy to mute. When the kids are in the room they don't even notice it.
    So far the only problems I noticed is if you leave the drop-down lid open(it has a interior light that turns on when the vault is open), it will drain the battery so much that your key punch code won't work. I programed a easy 4 digit code and it is very quick to access.

  5. I have two. Their great, I highly reccomend them. That having been said, the installation and programming directions leave something to be desired.

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