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    I also have a pocket holster like jrs. It's a Blackhawk, but it's also a rubbery feeling nylon. I like it too, but like he said, if your pocket is too big, it can move around enough to get out of position. If I ever have to pull it out in a hurry, I don't want to be digging around in my pocket for it.

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    I carry a Keltec PF9 in a leather holster I made, OWB, easy to conceal with a polo shirt. It is so light it is like it is not there.

  4. Sweet, thanks for the info, guys.

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    You might want to look at a Sig/Sauer P-238. I carry mine in my front pants pocket in a leather pocket holster. Since I have large hands the gun works well for me. The only issues I had with it were; it is a little pricey. The model I have was $700 new, out the door. I also had to have the feed ramp and chamber polished so it would handle hollow points. No problems at all since the polish job.

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    Made in the USA small 9 mm is sccy cpx-2

    Sccy cpx-2 is made in the USA in Daytona Beach Florida can get it for around 250 to 300 dollars made of 416 stainless steel smooth double action restrike capabilities come with to 10 round mags , lifetime warranty www

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    I have yet to see a good pocket holster that stays in your pocket when you pull out your gun, if one of you guys have one great, I have checked out a few but found none I liked, for my pocket 24/7 bud I use a Taurus TCP, but I don't like a holster so I took the gun apart and sanded and polished every sharp outside surface so there is absolutely nothing to catch in a pocket. also with this type of gun there is really no safety issue with the gun in your pocket without a holster, at least no more than if it was in a real holster
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    LCP is great suggestion, however check out the LC9 and shoot it if you can. It handles and shoots better than almost anything I have ever had. Recoil very manageable and you have enough power to get the job done if pointed correctly. With a rest, head shots at 55 yards no problem, use a little Kentucky wind age and holdover at that range of course. 9 mm ammo a little easier and actually cheaper too.

  9. I carry a Beretta 21A which is fits great anywhere, small enough to use for a woman or a it better than the 9mm.

  10. I have carried an LCP with CT laser in my front pocket for the last 3 years. I added Pearce grip extensions for a little better purchase on the little gun. They are longer than the Ruger extensions. Having said that, I just picked up a Kel-Tec PF-9 that is very thin and light. It may replace the LCP as my edc.

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    As I stated in another thread, I do carry a Taurus TCP 738 when jogging and on hot/humid days. IWB holster at 4 o'clock. It has an awesome DAO trigger and the slide locks back after the last round. I got it for $200 at Gander Mountain ($230 price - $30 rebate). It came with only one magazine! Taurus is shipping this gun now with two magazines and its price tag is $330. Additional magazines are hard to come by. A review can be found here: Gun Review: Taurus 738 TCP | The Truth About Guns

    I did add a Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard, a Pearce Grip Extension, and a Pachmayr Handgun Grip. The pinky extension really helps to get a good grip when drawing and helps to avoid limp wristing. The Handgun Grip allows for a more firm and secure grip while shooting. For jogging I am using a Rangemaxx Inside the Pants Handgun Holster designed for small 380 pistols with a Laserguard. I removed the Velcro retention strap. For hot weather I use a CrossBreed MiniTuck holster. The factory sights are pretty useless, so I added Nite Siters: Painted sights on 738

    The Taurus TCP 738 is also notorious for having machine marks on the feed ramp and other parts, which lead to feeding problems. I spent a few hours on detail stripping the gun, sanding off any machine marks (with 400 grit sand paper), using a Dremel (polishing wheel and polishing compound) to polish the surfaces, thoroughly cleaning all parts, oiling very few parts, and putting the gun back together. I polished the feed ramp, the cocking rail, the hammer, the breech face, and the outside of the barrel. Some information about this can be found here: TCP 738 reliability enhancements . I also stoned some of the edges on the slide, the extractor, and the loaded chamber indicator to ease feeding, extraction, and ejection.

    I don't carry it in the pocket for jogging as the gun bounces around too much. For hot/humid days, I was planning to carry it in the pocket of my shorts, but not without a holster that permits me to draw the gun quickly and securely. I tried out a bunch by buying them at local stores and returning them. Instead, I ordered a Front Pocket Holster from Alabama Holster & Gun Company on August 31 (based on the recommendation of Hickok45 in one of his videos). The holster should arrive soon, just in time when I just stopped wearing shorts this year.

    I am looking into buying a smaller 9mm, but not for pocket carry. Since I already have a Glock 19, I will probably go with a Glock 26.

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