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    Pocket guns are for up close and personal. There fore you will most likely shoot 3 rounds or less if you need it. They are not made to be range guns. So you just shoot 200 rounds at the range in however many trips it takes. Then slip it in your pocket in case you need it. Myself, I like the Kel Tec P-32, but whichever one you get it's only for up close and personal.

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    Hiiiiii frnd i'm from india and pistol is need for self defense
    Hmm, do you happen to be related to Candy? She's also from India, also a firearms instructor, and also a gun store owner. And joined within 4 minutes of you. Odd.
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  4. Take look at the AMT Backup in .45 ACP. I carry one in a pocket holster. I too have large hands and a small frame. My choice is pocket carry, fits good in a jeans back pocket but it's too heavy for dress pants pockets. I wear bib overalls when I can and carry in the right front pocket. Not as fast as a belt holster or IWB, but because of my small size it's a better choice for concealment.

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