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Thread: Opinions on the Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 12-Round 9mm

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    As I said, I've owned multiple Taurus guns, all of which have had at least 1,000 rounds through them without one single hiccup. A group of us took our brand new Glock 22's out the other day and within the first 3 mags, I had 1 failure to eject and one stove pipe. The guy next to me had 1 or 2 jams as well, but I'm not sure exactly what the issue was. They're Glocks, not God.
    I have to laugh at all the guys out there - and the glock high command as well - who really believe that "glock perfection" is a statement of reality, not a marketing slogan!

    bowserb: Why do you think a Taurus sells for only 60% of the price of its comparable quality name brands?
    Gee, I don't know. Maybe for the same reason MANY brands made overseas do - much lower cost of production as compared to Europe or the US? And glock is starting to take some market share hits. LA County SD just finalized a deal for 13,000 firearms! Those RSA and MIM firing pin problems are beginning to bite them in the backside.

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    Bersa is made out of country also but is an excellent gun for a moderate price. Also, I believe that .380 acp is starting to over-take the
    9mm in popularity.

  4. If I might chime in...

    I did a year's worth of research before investing in my home defense pistol. I'll admit, I really wanted a Glock19, a gun I had shot often at the range with friends. But I was not up to snuff with all the offerings available and wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything.

    I was drawn to the Taurus pistols because of their look and price point, but inevitably in ever review, there'd be some comment of how "it'd be a great little gun if it wasn't a Taurus". Yes, they've had a bad QC reputation in the past, but from everything I've heard about them recently, they're very reputable. Any instance of a part breaking gets fixed by them for free (minus shipping to them, and even THAT'S free during the first year). I've yet to have a FTF or FTE with mine (a PT809) and the only thing I can complain about is the mag release is a bit tough.

    But I've handled the PT111 G2 and will be buying it as my carry gun in the future!

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