Issue with XDs-9 and Crimson Trace Laserguard
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Thread: Issue with XDs-9 and Crimson Trace Laserguard

  1. Issue with XDs-9 and Crimson Trace Laserguard

    Wanted to pass on information about the Crimson Trace Laserguard (Model LG-469) on the XDs-9 mm.

    I range-tested the above configuration today, both the pistol and the laser are new.

    I mounted the CT Lasergaurd, and everything looked tight and snug. The screws were NOT loose.

    After a few shots, using at the laser dot, the POI started migrating! Upon inspection, daylight had appeared between the lasergaurd and the undersurface of the barrel section in front of the triggerguard. The laser device has a top ridge which was is supposed to engage a slot in the railed section of the foregun, but it was visibly separating from the picatinny groove. It looked like it was about to slip out of the groove.

    Furthermore, every second or third shot, the laser dot would simply fail to appear, despite direct pushing of the activation button, and would only reappear after "rattling" and banging on the side of the pistol a few times.

    I removed the lasergaurd, wiped off the battery with a clean dry cloth, reinstalled it all carefully (per manufacturer's instructions), and it looked snug, no daylight.

    I tried another couple mags, and the same problem recurred.

    Shooting the gun looking at only the iron sights was fine. The groups were nice. No misfeeds, no jams (approx. 100 rounds). Working with the irons sights is NO problem.

    I called Crimson Trace customer support, and the rep informed me that I was not the first to report the issue. Crimson Trace has discovered that their sight (LG-469), which was designed for the XDS .45ACP, is not fitting the XDs-9 in the precise same manner. They are attributing this to some small difference in the profile of the XDs-9.

    Regarding the dot loss, the CT rep stated there was a battery issue which was causing the intermittent loss of the dot, and they are shipping me a new battery.

    The CT rep reassured me that I would be taken care of. I had registered my Laserguard (thank goodness), so I am now on their list to ship out the "fixed" sight (sometime in September 2013).

    I will provide a followup next month, to update on whether I actually receive the "fixed" Laserguard, and with a range report, if it is shipped.

  3. Thank you for the report as I want to get the same setup. I'll be waiting for your report!

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    Any news/developments to share? Are you even in possession of your XD-S at the moment? Found this interesting, as although I have the .45 version of the XD-S which happens to be with Springfield at the time, I'd like to know the durability of this particular variant of their laser. Thinking of getting one for a soon-to-arrive Taurus 738 for my fiance.

  5. Update...

    I received a call from Crimson Trace customer support last week that they were shipping me the fixed version of the LG-469 Lasergaurd. I asked the rep what changed they made to achieve a proper fit to the XDs-9. He said they had to redesign the shape of the areas that engaged the rail slot and the trigger guard slightly, and promised that the new version would fit tightly.

    I received the new Laserguard yesterday (about 11 weeks after the first support call).

    I will install the new Lasergaurd soon, and followup with another range report. Fingers are crossed.

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    I have the CT Lasergrips on a Kahr K9, and have two issues. One, like yours, wherein if I squeeze the grips, the laser drifts badly. 2. You can't use these left-handed, else your thumb sits right over/in front of the laser.
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  7. XDs-9 and Crimson Trace Laserguard, problems and range report:

    Now that I received both my updated XDS 9, and the replacement Crimson Trace Laserguard, I have a range report.

    Upon installation, the replacement Laserguard seemed snug and secure, with no obvious "play" or visible daylight between the lower surface of the rail section and the laser. I tightened the screws as tight as I dared.

    At the range, I zeroed it in by shooting through a few mags, group by group, and gradually bringing the POI into the bullseye (15 yards). I notice midway through the process that daylight had AGAIN appeared between the gun and the top surface of the laser.

    I decided to let the process run its course, and continued to shoot, tightening the groups further (using a rest), and discovered that, despite the "daylight" issue, it was holding zero. I shot 50 more rounds, with NO additional migration of the POI.

    One issue that was problematic is that the laser button sometimes lost its activation as I squeezed the trigger, which I determined was operator related. The configuration of my grip (my middle finger's purchase on the button) obviously changed as my index finger pulled inward, resulting in loss of pressure on the button, and the laser dot would temporarily disappear. I had to tighten my grip further to prevent that, which sometimes resulted in "fliers" low and left. The fit of this setup to my middle finger is not perfect (or my grip is imperfect).

    As an aside, the trigger pull on the "fixed" XDS was indeed heavier, but manageable while using a rest. While shooting freehand, I would pull low and left more often. I will need to practice a lot with this, but it seems stable so far.

    I am not sure yet that I can enthusiastically recommend the Crimson Trace Laserguard on the XDs 9. The apparent lack of tight engagement between the sight and the gun (as suggested by the "daylight" phenomenon) gives me concerns that upon holstering and re-holstering the gun, one might have slight changes in the "weld" of the sight, with resultant changes in POI. Time will tell, I will keep practicing with it before final judgment.

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