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    My friend has a Hi Point 9mm that he shoots at the range. He has 400 rounds thru it with no problems. He says you need to rack the slide about 150 times when you get it, also eject the mag about 50 times, and he polished the feed ramp with a dremel also. Before you shoot it clean and lube it. I have shot it and it is accurate, makes a good gun to keep in a vehicle, or a home defense gun. It goes bang when you pull the trigger.

  3. I have a Hi-Point 995 carbine,C9 9mm and CF380 handguns and none of them have ever given me problems.Their only downside is they are bulky and heavy.Hi-Point's customer service is one of the best out there.You can send a Hi-Point that has been blown in pieces and most likely they will send you a brand new firearm(along with a free magazine)Plus,they are +P rated.I have never had a problem with Hi-Point's customer service
    I love my carbine though.For $200 it is a damn good rifle.
    Face it,there are people out there that cannot afford a $600 Glock,or a $1000 Sig.For someone on a low income looking for a low priced gun for home and personal defense ,a Hi-Point is a good start.Much better than a Jimenez or a Jennings.

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    I owned 2 Hi Point .45's I think they are the best of the bunch I've heard other people have problems with the 380 and the 9mm but the 45 was great ,fun to shoot good bed stand gun or gun to leave in your car if it's stolen no big deal, try to find one it's not easy the 45's are always sold out the customer service is incrediable I bought one used and all the springs were weak I sent it in and they replaced all the springs the firing pin and the slide (it had a few small scratches on it) and gave me an extra magazine for my trouble and they had it less then 2 weeks check Youtube Hi Point tourture tests you'll see how reliable they are
    The .45 is awesome.I fired my friends Hi-Point JHP45 ACP and it worked great!Bulky,but alot of gun for the low price he paid for it ($150)

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    I have owned three of them, the .380, 9mm, and .40. The only one with which I ever had trouble was my .40, a firearm I inherited which had never been properly cared for. I had a lot of trouble with ftf's and stovepipes, and an inspection of the slide showed unusual wear. Even though I was not the original owner of the firearm, I was able to send it back for no charge service. They replaced the slide, polished the feed ramp, and threw in a new mag for my trouble. Turn around time was under 2 weeks. They are very accurate, very reliable, and almost indestructible. My 9mm compact was my carry gun for the first two years that I had my CPL. They ate all fmj except Fiocchi (nothing unusual there, a lot of guns won't eat Fiocchi), and all jhp. The only thing they had trouble with was flat nose ammo. Drawbacks: they are a bit heavy, and not the easiest to field strip, but then, the manufacturer only recommends completely stripping them every 2-3k rounds. In the meantime, just run a bore snake or patches through them after shooting. I highly recommend them!

    Check out the videos of efforts to destroy the Hi-Point at this URL: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5C6D17D8466CD81C

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    Amazing things can be done with a suppossed, sub-standard tool... I don't own a Hi-Point (yet) but I have fired them with great success and am a fan.
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    The hi point does not pass the snob test. Other than that it is a good firearm. If you want to have a bunch of fun get the hi point carbine in 9 or 40, get a red dot scope (cheap), set some targets up at various intervals (say all the way out to a hundred yards) and you will have a blast doing target acquisition exercises. Don't pay attention to the gun snobs...the hi point is cheap, accurate, and goes bang every time you pull the trigger. I have heard of firearms 4 times the cost of hi point ftf fte squib a round or 2 and so on. I have hi points and 2000 dollar guns. I would trust my life to a hi point anytime. Get one...you won't make a mistake. If the person giving his opinion has never owned one or fired one, his opinion is worth squat and the crap that comes out when you squat. By the way, go on youtube and look for nutnfancy assessments of the high point.

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    For what it's worth we have had 4 hi-point firearms in our CCW classes. All have had malfunctions of some sort. One student who was very well practiced shot a 3" group in about 8 seconds on a 15 round string with one including clearing a stovepipe. The firearms will fire most of the time but from my observations they are not as reliable as i'd like them to be.

    Also, they don't fit well in my hands and are very heavy for their size. Bottom line is a hi-point beats a pair of scissors or other improvised weapon but you need to train to clear malfunctions (the same as with any other gun).
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  9. thanks

    I have the sr40 and lc9but for the price i could back them both up for three bills souds like a winner to me! also kinda like the looks of the carbine

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