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Thread: Sig 290rs vs 250sc for CCW

  1. Sig 290rs vs 250sc for CCW

    I've attached one photo comparing my new 290rs (Re-Strike model) for CCW because my 250sc is too big and heavy for my EDC preference. The 290rs is hard to find so I bought one online at Buds Gun Shop for $518 with debit card. After FFL transfer, local background check and tax, this 290 cost me $620 total, compared to $500 total for my 250sc two years ago. Damn expensive for a 6 to 8 round “micro” 9mm semi auto, but I don't like to mix ammo calibers. My loaded 290rs is about an inch shorter and 6 ounces lighter than a fully loaded 250sc. But as you see, the extended mag grips are pretty similar.

    My 290rs came in a hard plastic Sig case, with plastic paddle holster, and two mags (6 & 8 rounds), gun lock and owners manual. My 250sc is shown with standard 12 round mag and a 15 round mag with X-grip adapter. It also will load 10 and 17 round mags. I also own a Sig 250C with threaded barrel and Tundra SV suppressor and a dozen 17 round mags, which unfortunately all stay locked away because my lawyer warns me I will likely be prosecuted if I actually shoot anyone with it. What a waste of money! ($3000). But if the “zombie apocalypse” or anarchy ever comes, I'll be ready for it.

    This 290rs was incredibly stiff. The barrel slide stop and release single lever wouldn't budge after I racked the slide open and tried to chamber a snap cap dummy round from a mag. My FFL dealer told me this would loosen up with break in, so off I went to my local public firing range. But first I fully greased the barrel slide and racked it manually over a thousand times. I even left it racked open overnight to loosen the spring a bit.

    Field stripping the 290 for cleaning and lubing was very difficult for me, compared to the 250. I had to go to to find different techniques. I had to use the “girl” method of holding the slide back on a table top to push out the retaining pin with a pointy tool until I found another technique where a guy stuck his thumb in the trigger loop to grip back the slide. Crazy, but that worked best for me and I finally got adept at it. That video is called Field Stripping the Sig P290 without tools. Youtube also has a video comparison between the two guns (old 290) by The Yankee Marshall.

    At the firing range, I shot 200 rounds 9mm WWB FMJ, then 50 Gold Dot 147 grain HP, which is my carry load since I bought so much of it for my suppressor. I'm no marksman, but I did pass my CCW shooting test at 15 yards with the 250sc, but I couldn't shoot the 290 straight past 20 feet. Terrible recoil and long slow shaky trigger pull for me. I and the gun got slightly better with practice, but I have no target confidence beyond 10 feet with it, which is the minimum self-defense distance I would pull the trigger at anyway. No malfunctions except I had to manually rack the slide all the way back very hard to feed magazines. Eventually, the slide loosened up and would chamber the 8 round mag after a strong slap in. I carry the 6 round mag unchambered in the 290 for my own safety. I don't expect to be fast, just careful and accurate. I stopped practicing after 250 rounds because it was getting very costly, but not much more accurate, and I was getting a blister on my shooting hand palm from the rough grip stippling. My girlfriend thought this “cute” little gun would be ideal for her. I won't let her shoot it because I can barely shoot it straight. She actually racks the 250sc slide easier than my new 290rs. Probably just more break in time.

    So my initial impressions of the Sig 290rs for CCW: expensive, reliable within 10 feet, if not very accurate in my non-expert hands. More concealable than 250sc, but I'll grab the 250 first for home defense if I can get my hands on it, especially with its double stack bullet capacity and all my extra mags for it. I'll keep practicing, but frankly, I'm disappointed with the 290rs for my intended CCW use. I'll keep carrying it though and get used to it. By the way, I'm using a VEDDER 4-way belly band holster I found on for my pot belly build. It has 4 elastic pockets spread around the waist so you can holster wherever you feel most comfortable. Costs @ $30.
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