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    Glock 30S


    I've tried to find a Glock 30S but none seems to be in stock. Any ideas?

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    Plenty in stock new at Gun stores in South Carolina.
    I'm thinking I might get one before too long. I want to test fire it first. One of the local ranges just received one we can rent for a test drive.

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    On a whim called Abilene Indoor Gun Range in Abilene, TX and they had one. Bought and being shipped to my local FFL.

    Thanks folks!

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  5. Sweet, don't forget pics?

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    Not to worry. They are shipping it Monday. I'll lay it next to my HK45C and compare.

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  7. Sound good.

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    Cabela's can check their inventory to see if any store has it. If they do may take a couple of weeks to get to your store. They had some 3 weeks ago but hubby didn't want to wait. He bought a Glock 19 instead. Good luck finding one.


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