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    Kahr CM9

    Just picked up a CM9 today and ran 100 flawless rounds through it. I had heard how good the trigger is with Kahr and let me tell you, it is awesome. The best trigger I've handled.

    Real easy to shoot with little recoil for such a small gun. Best time I've had at the range in a little while. We'll see how it does over time (dependability/reliability) but after one trip it is great!

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    I love my CM9. Put at least 250 more rounds through it. On that gun its a must to shoot it at least 200-250 round for break in. I have also racked the slide at least 500 times. Sounds like a pain but the gun is sweet and it is reliable for self defense with a good break in. Happy shooting the CM9 is an awesome machine.

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    Very shortly after obtaining it, my CM9 became my everywhere, everyday-all day CCW pistol.

    I also have racked the slide hundreds upon hundreds of times, as well as shot several hundred rounds....the CM9 is a great pistol.

    Mine has never failed to chamber, fire, or extract a round, and really has the silkiest, smoothest trigger I've ever squeezed in 50 years of shooting.

    I thought seriously about putting the night sights on it, but still haven't done it...

    The PM9 I have handled felt exactly the same, while the MK9 was heavier and subdued the recoil a bit more...both of those 'premium' versions
    cost a huge chunk of change more!

    Good choice and happy shooting!

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