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Thread: Is the 1911 outdated???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Hell yes just like the b52,just nothing better to replace it with. I only own 3 and all are 99.999% The reason I carry my plastic instead is weather and sratches.
    where do you park those ????

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    frank.macher Guest
    Like most have already said old maybe, tired or worn out, not hardly. I have the plastics too, but still love the feel and function of the 1911's.

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    I got to talking with a pilot (CW4) of a Black-hawk back from a tour in Iraq a few months ago, heavy ****, his bird got shot up and lost most major systems over hostiles with just minimal AK ground fire (!) and he barely made it back to a friendly LZ. Being an ex Huey pilot (flew one in GW-1 as a WO1) he said that when the Army finally retires that "piece of **** helo" it will be a Huey & crew that picks up the pilot who flew the last 'Crash-hawk' to the junk-yard. Some kit is just built to last 4 ever!

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    I love my Glock but one day I will own a 1911A1. If the 1911 is so out dated then why did the US special forces bring back into service? Just like the M14 It is tried and true. It has been tested under conditions in real life and has stood up remarkably. All the new guns like my Glock are fine weapons but a lot of there test are done in a lab and the test are simulated. Good but it's not the real deal.

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    I have a Kimber cdp2 custom shop , I love it. I never had a miss fire or any trouble of any kind. 1911 will always be around

  7. He is a sly fox.I also like mine alot.Parking is free for B52s

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    Out Dated that is a lots of laughs. All the swat teams and special forces have gone back to the 1911 and they are Kimbers. You can say what you want about da and da only, for the most part they are not a combat proven firearm. The 1911 is a fighting hand gun and there are very few of them. There are more sold each year then any other cf pistol. More manufacture build 1911's then any other. If a instructor said it was out dated he is very miss informed.

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    I personally don't like single-action revolvers. I used to make fun of people who used guns that were obsolete when their great-grandfathers were born. Then, one day, it dawned on me that the pistol I carry as my primary carry gun, my favorite pistols, the design I think is superior to all others, dates from the turn of the last century; I quit making fun of them.

    I like my 1911s, leave me alone about your superior wonder weapon. I don't like fat magwells that feel too large in my hand and I think plastic is inferior to steel and aluminum. I like a pistol that comes apart and goes back together like quality machinery. I'm used to it and it just feels right in my hand. I trust it and am comfortable using it to defend my family and property.

    I sound just like one of those SAA guys I used to make fun of...
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    1911's aren't going anywhere... They will be the iconic semi-auto pistol here in the states as long as this country continues to exist.

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    Are you kidding me? 1911s will continue to be around as long as they're legal. They're one of the American traditions. S&W and Taurus wouldn't jump on the 1911 bandwagon unless there was a market for them. We have so many 1911 makers they couldn't possibly stay in business unless there was a demand for their product.

    My favorite 1911 is Para with Springfield coming a close second. My P-12.45 is one of my favorite CCWs. It is on my list to acquire more; another P-12, a P-13, a P-16.40 steel frame to convert to 10mm and a Hawg or two.
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