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Thread: 38 or 357 for CC?

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    If you can handle it go with the 357,that will give you options.above all else get what works and feels right to you,remember these are only suggestions.your the one that will be carrying the weapon.

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    Last year I picked up the LCR in 357. The reason I went with it over the 38+p was that the 357, being slightly more hefty, made shooting all the 38 and 38 +p practice rounds nicer to shoot. I load it with good +P carry ammo and feel fairly well armed. The ability to shoot some full house 357 occasionally is just plane fun. The 4oz. difference in the two guns makes a fair amount of difference in the felt recoil but yet in the pocket it didn't bother me. The LCR trigger has a long but smooth pull.

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    Go to a range that rents firearms. Find the one that fits your wants and needs and comfort in handling. My wife has a S&W642 38 spec snub to CC but enjoys shooting my Taurus 357 4" due to the pachmayr grips that came stock. She understands that the snubby is CC ONLY for emergencies. Hard on her hand but accurate at the 3/5/7 yrd line for draw, point and shoot.
    Bottom line..........It's up to you, your ability and comfort to handle in a efficient and effective manner. More effective then efficient..........
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  5. The .357 mag for sure, you can shoot both .357 /.38 special but not both with the .38 special, gives you that other option.

  6. As others have said, unless you are going to go with the Ruger LCR and are looking to minimize weight (according to the specs the .38spl +P is 13.5oz and the .357 is 17.1oz) I'd go with the .357 for the versatility.

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    The Magnums are all powder capacity and velocity. They do best in long barreled revolvers. To chamber the snubbie revolvers in magnum cartridges misses the point. You are trading velocity for more flash and blast. I would opt for a heavy cast bullet in .38 Special for the snubbies. Also consider the Bulldog .44 Special revolver too.

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    I recommend going with the .357mag, if nothing else but for versatility. I carry a Ruger KLCR .357mag/.38spl and welcome the extra 3-4ozs. For better control. Usually my Ruger is loaded with either Critical Defense 38spl +P, or Corbon DPX 110gr .357mag (when available), both render less recoil, without sacrificing power. All just IMHO of course. Take care!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joezilla View Post
    I will be back in Texas in a month or so and will be looking for a CC revolver at that time. Would it be better to go with a .38 only gun or a .357/.38 duo gun? I like the looks of the LCR, but have never handled one. The SP 101 is a nice looking fun also, but it appears too heavy for pocket carry, perhaps too big also. How about some ideas? I'm not partial to Ruger, but have absolutely no knowledge of Smith & Wesson, Taurus, or Charter Arms.

    If I was to EDC a revolver, it would be a .357 mag or .41 mag. I would never EDC a .38sp. I am not a fan of that round for anything but shooting at paper targets.
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  10. 38 or 357 for CC?

    I really like the Speer Gold dot short barrel. It really preforms in short barrels based on YouTube videos. I am a not a big fan of .357 in small revolvers. It takes too long to recover for addition shots. Works well in the LCR too.


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  11. I started out looking for a Gunsmoke S&W 637. In the DFW area they are selling for MSRP and higher. I liked them because they have been to the S&W Performance Center for some buffing and fine tuning. $599 and $549 are the prices I've seen. Those were the only two guns available. I then went to a 3rd gun store and happened upon a 642 with the blue S&W Performance Center tag on it. I dryfired it and it was as smooth as butter. It was a very easy trigger pull, and it was only $489. I bought it on the spot. It is a 5 shot .38 special only. I bought three boxes of ammo for it. I can't wait to take it to the range. I need a good IWB holster for it though. I bought a pocket holster, but in my jeans the front pockets are not very deep.


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