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    Quote Originally Posted by sixgun_symphony View Post
    The Magnums are all powder capacity and velocity. They do best in long barreled revolvers. To chamber the snubbie revolvers in magnum cartridges misses the point. You are trading velocity for more flash and blast. I would opt for a heavy cast bullet in .38 Special for the snubbies. Also consider the Bulldog .44 Special revolver too.
    This^^^. In a short barreled revolver, heavy and slow is the way to go. Magnums are of little use in snubs... the barrels are too short to allow enough time for the gasses to push the bullet to it's intended velocity. In my carry .38s, I use either LSWC or LRN... whichever I happen to have. Expansion is almost an oxymoron in a slow round but, penetration is more likely with a solid shot. The .44Spl is a good choice too if you don't trust the weak 158gr .38Spl...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joezilla View Post
    I started out looking for a Gunsmoke S&W 637. In the DFW area they are selling for MSRP and higher. I liked them because they have been to the S&W Performance Center for some buffing and fine tuning. $599 and $549 are the prices I've seen. Those were the only two guns available. I then went to a 3rd gun store and happened upon a 642 with the blue S&W Performance Center tag on it. I dryfired it and it was as smooth as butter. It was a very easy trigger pull, and it was only $489. I bought it on the spot. It is a 5 shot .38 special only. I bought three boxes of ammo for it. I can't wait to take it to the range. I need a good IWB holster for it though. I bought a pocket holster, but in my jeans the front pockets are not very deep.

    Nice! Love the Airweight! Looking to get one myself!

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