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    Kahr CW40

    I have a Kahr CW40. I was wondering if anyone else has had trouble with a CW40 that shoots not only low but is inconsistent. I have run at least 300 rounds and the gun does not shoot any better. At first I thought it was because of the action. The long trigger pull took some getting used to but no matter what I have tried in holding, trigger pull or anything else seems to help. I like the gun because it would be a better carry for summer. But I am afraid to carry it because if I had to use it, I would most likely hit everything and everyone EXCEPT the BG!! Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    My daily carry is a Glock 23. I have no fear with it because I am able to hit my target every time. So I don't think it's me. But I could be wrong!!

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    Kahr CW40

    Try shooting the kahr off some bags to elimate human error. If it's still all over the place, contact kahr and fill em in. I haven't dealt with kahr's customer service before but they should fix it. What kind of ammo are you using?

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    I have used a rest and bags to no avail. I use Federal .40 FMJ. The ammo works just fine in my Glock. I have planned on contacting Kahr but wanted to see if it could be something I am doing.

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    Kahr CW40

    Ya could be a lot of things. My guess is either the crown or the bore is somehow messed up. Hopefully a replacement barrel from kahr should fix it.

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    Thanks J. I am going out of town for a while and will contact Kahr when I get back.

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