Anyone have a Ruger SR1911CMDR?
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Thread: Anyone have a Ruger SR1911CMDR?

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    Question Anyone have a Ruger SR1911CMDR?

    Been busy buying up some wheel guns. Now I have a taste for something in a 1911.
    I've looked real hard at the Ruger SR1911CMDR.
    I really like the looks of this gun. Only seen pics. No one around here has any in stock.
    Wonder if anyone here has one, & what they think? Most of what I've read has been positive.

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    Look at Hickok 45 on YouTube, He has a couple of videos on the SR1911 CMD. Hope they help You decide if this gun is right for You.

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  4. I purchased the first Ruger SR1911 Commander in Pittsburgh, and won't bore you to death with the story. I bought what I believe to be the 3rd Ruger SR1911 full size. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll show you, with photos, what a disaster that gun was, and how perfectly well Ruger resolved every issue. Both the SR1911 full size, now that its been hand reworked by craftsmen at Prescott, and the Commander--perfect out of the box--have what you need in a 1911, and every part, piece, spring, etc., is American made. (the soft case they give you is made in China, but it doesn't go bang) I own "several" 1911 platform firearms, and like them all. By far, even moreso than Kimber, the lockup between barrel bushing and barrel are superior on the Rugers. Accuracy is incredible, and at typical defense ranges (7 yards or less) both guns rip the X out of the ten ring. Bear in mind these are all stainless frames and slides, and the weight of the gun dampens felt recoil considerably. The trigger pull is so smooth, and breaks crisply. There is no Schwartz (?) safety, as used on the Kimber, or firing pin release safety as used on the Series 80 Colts. I've had the opportunity to bring both guns to promotional shoots and fund raisers, and everyone from novices to Law Enforcement Certified Trainers with hundreds of thousands of rounds downrange loves the weight, balance, trigger, and accuracy. I can, without any reservation at all, assure you that Ruger's investment of over 2 million bucks in new machining centers at Prescott has paid off handsomely, and if you can get your fingers on one, do beg the owner to let you fire some rounds downrange. If you shoot one, you'll buy one.

    And to think, Ruger was going to introduce this pistol with black plastic grips? The walnut grips are classic.

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    I ordered a full sized SR1911 during Ruger Days in September at my local gun shop. Just received and fired it last evening. It is dead-on accurate and easy shooting with great fit & finish. I bought this at a great sale price and my initial impression is that it outperforms some 1911's I paid 3 times as much for. I own at least a dozen Ruger firearms and only recall 1 problem which was handled promptly by Ruger. They are a top notch company.

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    Thanks for all the info guys. I'm pretty much in love with this gun.
    Now to find one. All of my usual places are OOS.
    I see Sportsman's Warehouse has the 5" for $599 on Black Friday.
    Unfortunately, the closest one to Mi. is in Iowa. Can't figure out if they
    sell guns over the net.

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    Went to a local gun show yesterday. One of the vendors had one of each for $639+tax.
    I fondled the Cmdr. To be truthful, it didn't look as good to me as it did in pictures.
    Also the finish felt like it needed one more pass on the sander. The edges felt rough to me.
    The action felt gritty, but it was DRY.
    I paid less for a Rem R1 when they first came out a couple years ago, & I have no regrets
    with that purchase.
    I think the Ruger is a very nice LOOKING package, at first glance, but the quality just isn't there.
    I think they're trying to make a Chevy look like a Cadillac.
    Also, I ve seen plenty of used one's on Armslist, etc. If they're so great, why so many for sale?

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    Being the CMD is a new firearm, can't be that many used ones for sale. Full size SR 19TH maybe.

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    Sorry SR1911

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    Friend of mine is an FFL & sells alot of guns.
    He had both the full size & the CMD.
    Went over & checked them both out. Changed
    my mind somewhat about the fit & finish.
    Anyway, I walked out with the Cmd. Will be
    shooting it Tues. Ordered a set of Hogue black
    wrap arounds that should be here Mon. My grip
    is not what it used to be, so the Hogues work
    great for me, although I do like the "LOOK" of
    the traditional grips.
    Good thread. I talked myself into this gun,
    then talked myself out of it, then you guys talked
    me back into it. Cool ! Thanks.

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    Just got back from the range. All I can say is WOW ! What a great gun.
    Right out of the box, everything went where I aimed it.
    Ran a bunch of different FMJ, in a variety of mags, not one issue.
    No regrets. Love the looks of the gun & it is everything a CMD should be.

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