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    Quote Originally Posted by RxDoc View Post
    wolf_fire, Sir, you are very correct, albeit that info pertained to older model handguns per se. Today's handguns, with the superior (maybe) machinery and computerized construction, refined steel components, i.e.-stronger, precise, etc., finding a "crooked" barrel, even at 1.8in would be a rare occurrence. Also, new powder compositions for "short barrelled" firearms to compensate, giving comparable velocities to older formulas, are being promoted today. Therefore, today's shorter barrrelled handguns, IMHO, are much more accurate (proven by many, variable Vids on YT, and my actual experience with 2 SB handguns), and verifiable by the physics and logics stated by you above. Thank you!
    Excellent points.

    One thing I did neglect to mention... if one has just a little bit of movement when shooting a short barreled firearm vs. a long barreled, that movement will be exaggerated down range. This is another reason why people tend to "blame" the short-barreled firearm.

    Again, it comes down to how good is one with their particular firearm.
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    I love my snubbie, Even though the cylinder is the thickest part I conceal it as well and as comfortable as my BG380! Longer barrels can poke you in the side, but no big deal either way. For a CC Revolver, I like the 1.8" barrel. It's plenty accurate. I can't make my mind up on the revolver vs semi which is why I have both.

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    Snubbies are very easy to carry concealed without a holster. I have 2 38' snubby and one 4" barrel. I like em both but the snubby is what I will carry.

  5. best of both worlds ?

    I often carry my S&W model 60 357 magnum with the 3 inch barrel. Far more accurate than the Snubbies in my opinion.

  6. I can carry my snubby, full size 9mm PX4 or full size 8045 Beretta Cougar with no problem. It all depends where you carry, I am 5' 10 and 175 and carry everything about 4:30 to 5:00, summer ro winter, even my wife never knows if I am carrying.

  7. My dad had a snub nose Taurus ultra light in .38
    Nice little gun. But it's for very close interaction. It's point n shoot. It's not very accurate.

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