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    Quote Originally Posted by netentity View Post
    Warning about the magazine release. It will wear out quickly because it's made of plastic. Your Kel-Tec magazines are metal. I have to send my P3AT back to Kel-Tec for that reason. Kel-Tec mag releases should be made of metal, not plastic. This is an issue with all Kel-Tec pistols, not just the P3AT.
    That sucks. About how long did you have it before that happened? Mine hasn't worn out yet after about 8 months, rotating about every 2 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    That sucks. About how long did you have it before that happened? Mine hasn't worn out yet after about 8 months, rotating about every 2 weeks.
    Didn't take long. Didn't even get enough rounds through it to put on my NV CFP. Granted I bought it used through gunbroker.

    This is a common issue if you frequent the Kel-Tec User's Group forum. All Kel-Tec pistols have this issue. The metal magazine wears out the plastic magazine release. The only solution is to have a metal magazine release which Kel-Tec does not provide. If you own a Kel-Tec pistol or equivalent where you have a metal magazine being held in place by a plastic magazine release it will wear out. The metal magazine will just erode the plastic on the magazine release. It seems to be more pronounced on the P32 and P3AT pistols. My P-11 hasn't worn out yet. That one I did buy new.
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    It's been six days now. Have you taken it to the range yet? Also, how have you been doing carrying it so far?

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    Range report

    Well ...I can tell you right up front that it took a little getting used to. lol. I like it, no failures on feeding or ejecting. The small grip is quite a jump from the Colt series 80 that I have been carrying. The groups are getting smaller and after a couple more trips to the range I think that I will be comfortable enough with it to start carrying it. I put a belt clip on it and have try-ed it in the front right pocket and the right rear pocket. I have to pay attention or the belt clip will take a bite out of my right index finger. It is so much lighter than the colt I think it will be a joy to carry. Thanks everybody for all the advice and input

  6. Check the laws where you are at the clip may not be legal. Here in Ohio you must have the gun in a holster.
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