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    I picked up a new in box P3AT at the gun show today. $270.00 out the door, now I need some words of wisdom about ammo for the little booger. Can some of you TEC owners tell me what you are feeding yours. Thanks

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    I use CorBon 90gr JHP in mine. They feed great.
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    Rem silver tips.

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    I use Hydro-Shoc in mine with out a problem. Nice buy by the way. I also would take it to the range and put some rounds thru it as it will not shoot like a larger gun. take some getting use to.
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    Thank you

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    I've had one since February and the Hydras work great.

    Definitely put some rounds through it...I found it difficult to hold onto at first because of the small size. I use regular WWB for range ammo.
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    I have shot both Gold Dots and Hydro-shok though mine and all feed fine. Good price also. Enjoy it.
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    I use mostly Hydra and have shot Gold Dot. Definately give it a bunch of break in rounds and then a good fluff & buff. They have a nasty habit of jamming in the beginning, if this starts to rear its ugly head, just clean it and shoot some more, they all settle down to really dependable guns in a few hundred rounds.

    BTW: because of clothing requirements in S Florida, the P-3AT is my primary carry gun and I love it.

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    Warning about the magazine release. It will wear out quickly because it's made of plastic. Your Kel-Tec magazines are metal. I have to send my P3AT back to Kel-Tec for that reason. Kel-Tec mag releases should be made of metal, not plastic. This is an issue with all Kel-Tec pistols, not just the P3AT.
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