.22 Girlfriend Concealed Carry Conundrum
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Thread: .22 Girlfriend Concealed Carry Conundrum

  1. .22 Girlfriend Concealed Carry Conundrum

    My girlfriend has decided that she wants to learn how to use a firearm for home defense and possibly concealed carry. At the moment she has never handled a firearm and the only caliber she is willing to start with is a .22. Unfortunately due to past financial issues I had so sell all of my firearms so I am rebuilding my collection for concealed carry from scratch. So in handling some firearms she has decided that only the Walther PPK/S .22 or P22 fit her hand. Both feel comfortable to me as well and works for my budget around $350. I used to carry a .380 Walther PPK as well.

    My question is this. I want to get the best bang for my buck and have seen some larger calibers around the same price range but she refuses to go any bigger than a .22. I will also be using this weapon for concealed carry when we are out in town which is quite a lot. Should I try to convince her to step out of her comfort zone and go to a .380 or 9MM, or should I go with a .22?

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    Get the PK380 (Walther). I got my ancient wife one. She has early arthritis and can rack the slide quite easily and the recoil ain't much more than a 22 (We also have a Walther P22 so we know how they compare). Smaller doesn't always mean less scary.

  4. Check out the Ruger SR22 - bulletproof reliable with anything .22 you put into it. Easy breakdown and cleaning. Accurate. Easy to carry.

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    If I may suggest....

    If you and your lady are going to share the gun.... get the one your lady shoots the best/most accurately and likes because if she likes it then the gun will be welcomed in your lives. If she doesn't like it then she will be turned off and lose interest. And while there are larger calibers out there ..... there is nothing wrong with a .22 for defensive purposes until your finances allow getting another gun.

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    First, the .22lr cartridge itself is not really the most reliable, especially when used in a semi-auto handgun. There are two issues: (1) .22lr is a rimfire cartridge, which by definition is less reliable, (2) .22lr can be inconsistently loaded, which can result in malfunctions with low-powered ammo (mainly failure to extract and failure to eject).

    If you decide to stay with .22lr, I highly recommend a revolver. The Ruger LCR in .22lr has a capacity of 8. You can even get the slightly more powerful .22WMR variant with 6 rounds. S&W and Taurus also have revolvers in .22lr and/or in .22WMR.

    If you decide to stay with .22lr and with a semi-auto handgun, I also highly recommend the Ruger SR22. I have one and the only issues I had were ammo-related. The gun itself is highly reliable, has a decent trigger, has replaceable grip sleeves with different sizes, and is easy to breakdown for cleaning.

    I do NOT recommend the Walther PPK/S .22 as a defensive firearm. The DA trigger pull is a horrible 17.5 pounds!!! It can not be significantly lightened by a gunsmith (only down to ~12 pounds, I believe). The SA trigger pull is still a 6.6 pounds. For comparison, the Ruger SR22 has a DA trigger pull of 8 pounds and a SA trigger pull of 4 pounds. (Note that the Walther PPK/S .22 looks like the Walther PPK .380, but has a different internal design due to the rimfire cartridge.)

    Now, instead of going to gun stores to fondle handguns, go to gun ranges to actually rent and shoot them. You may even want to pay for a class, such as Handgun Essentials, for your girlfriend. For example, my range offers an all women's course facilitated by a female instructor. At the range, se should actually try different guns. Many people (men and women) that do not have any experience with firearms are scared and make first-time buying decisions based on fear. One or more range sessions can really help someone to get an initial grasp on recoil management and the fact that the cute lightweight guns kick like a mule.

    I highly recommend looking at larger-size .380 ACP and 9mm guns. For example, Glocks are known for their low recoil due to their low bore axis. A Glock 42 (.380 ACP) or Glock 19 (9mm) are highly reliable and low-recoinling (for their caliber). Glocks are striker fired and have a consistent trigger pull of 5.5 pounds. The Walther PK380 is pretty decent as well for a SA/DA gun. Also, any larger-size .380 ACP and 9mm in a metal frame is easy to handle due to the gun's weight.

    I also would consider revolvers chambered in .38 Special +P, especially the heavier ones. You can even get one chambered in .357 Magnum and only shoot .38 Special +P through it. .357 Magnum revolvers are generally sturdier and heavier.

    Also look at Women & Guns. There is a lot of good information.

    Also read online reviews of the guns you are looking at, not the promotional stuff, but actual reviews: Gun Review: Walther PPK/S .22 - The Truth About Guns

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    Perhaps you can at least get her to try a friend's gun or rent one at a local range and let her get the feel of a little larger pistol. I've found it's always best to start ladies out on .22s and gradually move them up to something larger once they're comfortable with the .22. Make sure she uses earplugs or ear muffs so that the report does not negatively impact her judgement. Trying a .380 would be the next logical step up. Maybe if you purchase what you're going to carry and then let her try it, when she's ready, will make it easier.
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  8. The best gun is gonna be the one she's most comfortable and accurate with. While .22 is a small and sometimes inconsistent round, if it's all she's comfortable with its a start. As you said you're rebuilding your collection and experience will ease her mind into trying additional calibers/weapons. If you do carry it, get the best possible round from a quality brand. My wife started with .22's, moved to 9mm and just got a .40, time and experience is extremely important.
    I'm a huge Ruger fan and my wife and I both carry them, lcr .38, SR9c, and SR1911. If she hasn't looked at them, give them a chance and shoot them. The triggers on the SR series are fantastic and very comfortable even in the compacts.

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    Any 22 is better than no gun at all. !0 rounds of 22 rapidly fired into an assailant may not kill him , but it WILL make him dance. When he's off guard, reload & repeat.
    I have a Walther p22 & it mimicks my XDS 45 in size. So,I use it alot for training. Never had any problems with it going bang. If it was all I had, I would be comfortable carrying it.


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    I posted this link on THR also. The more I look at this the more I like this little PPK/s .22.

    Gun Review: Walther PPK/S .22 - The Truth About Guns
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    You cant argue with a woman that doesn't know any better... that's a shame and a waste of money... but then a 22 is better than no gun at all.. If this is going to be your life partner and she is not willing to compromise on this, ( in the face of all the evidence against a 22 as a personal defense weapon. ) then what does that say about her willingness to compromise down the road... a 22 is the absolute worst possible defensive carry weapon you could buy.. but again its better than no weapon...Logic would dictate that the most ineffective caliber would not be a good choice. AS I've said a few times.. John Hinckley shot James Brady at point blank range ( less than 1 foot ) a direct shot in the head, then unloaded his 22 at President Reagan hitting him once in the left chest, passing within 1/2 inch of his hearts and lodging in his left lung, and both men lived. If you are going for a small caliber, a 25 ACP would be a much better choice.. but almost as ineffective as a 22lr, but at least the caliber is more reliable.. if her choice is a 22 or nothing, tells me she must be afraid of a bigger caliber.. if she is afraid.. there is no use in practicing lethal force self protection.

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