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Thread: Choosing a 1911 to buy

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    Para Ordnance or Springfield Armory are my choices. I own a Para-Ordnance P-12.45. I have used rental Springfield Armory pistols.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pianomistro View Post
    So, as far as people's experience is telling me, any gun that feels right will work. So money is the issue. That's one of the reasons I went with wanting a Sig, and not a Kimber. The Kimbers, so I'm told, are awesome guns, and beautiful by the way. And the colt and springfield are functional, inexpensive relatively speaking, but are not as pleasing to the eye. The Sig seems to be in the middle of the two: great quality, looks good, especially custom, and is only about $1100, versus $2500 I've seen for some Kimbers. Thanks everyone for the advice.
    Not sure were you are looking at those prices but has three new Kimbers all for under $1000.00.

    Kimber Ultra Carry II - $719.95
    Kimber Custom II stainless - $ $779.95
    Kimber Custom II - $699.95

    Even after shipping and the fee for your local dealer to transfer it to you you're still well under $1000.00.

    Just an option.
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    I am not against 1911 styles, but a friend of mine had to draw on a bg last year, and the hammer snagged on his shirt. Adam practiced enough w/ drawing his weapon, but its different when you are a little stressed. he was carrying a colt defender.he liked it up til that point, then traded it for another Glock.
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    I also have a Taurus PT-1911. I wouldn't hesitate to carry it.

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    I have a lot less personal experience with the 1911 compared with many others on this site. I do not at this time own one although a number of years ago I had a Colt Officer's model. If and when I do buy another I would probably go with something like the little DBL action model from Para Ordnance simply because I myself am not a big fan of the single action auto. I would add like others have said to try out as many as you can before buying because we are all different.
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    I put Colt at the top with Springfield Armory a close second. These are the only two brands that I own or for that matter would consider owning.
    I think Kimber is seriously over rated.

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    I have a Kimber Raptor Ultra, I love it .

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    +1 for the Taurus PT1911. It's loaded with features for a great price. The other 1911's mentioned here are excellent, but if it comes down to "bang for your buck", I'd lean towards the Taurus.

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    1911's to consider

    S&W makes some very fine 1911's. I own a full size Govt model and a 4.25 PD Scandium Gunsite model. I love 'em both. Bought both under $1k.


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    Taurus is a good 1911. I own one and it has never faild to feed or fire. I also have a Kimber ultra carry II and several others that I have paid a lot of money for. I do carry the Kimber all the time but the Taurus is just as good. I sell the Taurus at my shop for about $600.00 and they are total custom. Stay away from ser. 80 colts
    there trigers are not that good. Colt is producing a ser. 70 again on public demand. Rock Island and other cheap 1911 clones are not worth the shipping.

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