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Thread: Finally Got The Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact!

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    I had the same issues with a Sig Pro. I changed the recoil spring and made sure I did not limp wrist and all issues disappeared. Some ammo will not work the slide fast enough to eject brass while feeding the next round. I have this problem occasionally with the SWC ammo I use for competition that I really cut the powder on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avail View Post
    I don't know for sure with the PX4SC, but I'm not sure +P is recommended for use in it.
    Well, it is definitely rated for +P. The only thing they don't recommend is the prolonged use of +P+

    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    Well, I just received my firearm back and I have to say that I am very upset. In the box was a packing slip that lists a few tests that were performed on the firearm. Here is what was typed on the packing slip verbatim:
    "Precheck & Safety Check"
    "Inspected & Gaged the pistol, found no mechanical problems."
    "Function check with dummy ammo with no malfunctions."
    "52rds Black Hills 115gr JHP, encountered no malfunctions in the cycle of operation. We can not duplicate the customers complaint, also we do not carry any of the ammo used by the customer. Perhaps the customer might want to change ammo."
    I received the gun back from Beretta and took it to the range yesterday. Almost identical packing slip- inspected, nor problems found, etc. However, after 100 rounds I had no problems at all. The slide stayed open, no jams, FTFs or any other problems. Used generic re-load ammo. I guess maybe they don't want to document problems... The gun came back well lubed. It was also obvious that they took it apart (beyond the recommended owner disassembly), and I assume they put it back together the right way, because it worked fine, even though they didn't admit any repairs...

  4. I would like to add to LugerHP's note that I as well have fired 350 rounds through mine since I have received it back with only a single failure of the slide to lock on the last round. This malfunction happened on round 350 which was round 150 of my trip so I can probably chalk that one up to limp wristing but I doubt it. I am still suspicious and will likely sell the pistol in the near future. This experience has turned me off of Beretta.

  5. Do you value your life

    You're lucky the gun did not blow up due to barrel obstruction. Always clean any gun regardless when brand new before firing. Packing grease or in the military called cosmoline is not a lube. It is for storage to prevent rust. I have seen barrels on Glocks blow and one guy nearly lose a hand by not cleaning the weapon. Stop blaming the gun for lack of maintenance. Good quality brand names have tighter tolerances for more accuracy. I personally own most of the guns mentioned including this one. Regarding +P ammo I would use it only for self defense. It reduces barrel life on any barrel. Remington golden saber and corbon make wicked +P rounds. Many call the golden saber the new black talon in bronze. My other choice besides this gun is my son's Glock 26. Both guns are great firearms.

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    Beretta jams

    I just brought my Beretta Px4 Compact to a service center for repair. It is a new gun purchased 5 days ago. I cleaned the gun before using it. I could not get one clip of 10 rounds to fire without multiple problems. Failure to pick up the round, failure to eject, failure to feed round into chamber, and failure to stay open on last round. I am not an inexperienced shooter, I have been shooting handguns for 50 years. My first thought was a too strong slide spring, indicated by the slide not getting back far enough to let the slide catch snap in, and the slide not going back far enough to catch the rim of the next cartridge and chamber it. Poor ejection can also be and indicator of a sluggish slide. Bringing the gun to the repair center gave me an opportunity to speak to the gentleman doing the repair. When I told him what the problems were, he said they were aware of the problem with the Beretta Px4 Compact, and that there was a fix for it. He said they have a new slide spring for it, and that they would tune it for any other problems. The turn around time they gave me was 7-10 days. When I get it back I will report the results here.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by PX4 Storm View Post
    I will try cleaning it and see if that fixes it. Very dissapointing first day at the range. I am having the exact same problems as Lugar.
    The first thing the guy at the gun store told me when I bought mine, was clean all that factory goop off of it. It will make your life a whole lot easier. So I made sure to do this. He obviously was aware of issues resulting from the factory stuff. FYI

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    I received my Px4 Compact back from the Beretta service center. I had brought the gun there as I live about a35 minute ride away from them. This gave me a chance to talk to them. The person I spoke to seemed very knowledgeable about the Px4. Upon picking the gun up, 7 business days later, I questioned what had been the problem with the gun, and if it needed the recoil spring "fix" that I had heard of. He replied "no, it already had the smaller spring". He told me they cleaned the slide, and lubed it, and that the gun was "bone dry", and these guns don't like to be dry. He showed me where to grease the slide. The grease he used appears to be one of the modern gun lubes like "Tetra Gun Grease". He also greased the groove in the top on the barrel that cams the barrel in and out of lock-up. He said he checked the gun for any other possible issues and found none. When I left the service center I went directly to the range to check the gun out. I put 100rds of Remington 115gr and 20rds of Speer personal defense ammo through it without any jams. I have since put about 400rds through it without one jam, mis-feed, or fail to stay open. I am very pleased with the gun, and for the reasons I bought it, the Px4 is now my prime carry gun. My target results at the range show this gun to be very accurate for a gun with a 3.2" barrel. I think the close fits of the slide and barrel have something to do with that. I understand it's frustrating to have a problem with a new purchase, but the Px4 is a relatively new gun on the market, and they may have new gun production issues, but Bretta makes a quality product, and they stand behind it.
    This is the service center that I used.
    Gunsmithing, LTD.
    2530 Post Road
    #3 Lacey Place
    Southport, CT 06890
    Region Served: Northeastern United States

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Roseborough23 View Post
    The first thing the guy at the gun store told me when I bought mine, was clean all that factory goop off of it. It will make your life a whole lot easier. So I made sure to do this. He obviously was aware of issues resulting from the factory stuff. FYI
    It should be standard practice with any gun you buy new to field strip,clean and lube before shooting. The old "buff and fluff". As far as +p ammo, the PX4 Storm will handle +p just fine. Extended use will, however, cause additional wear and shorten the duty life of your pistol. If you choose to use a +p round for your personal defense load I recommend shooting enough of the +p ammo through your weapon to assure yourself that the ammo will fire reliable in your pistol. As far as range shooting just grab a box of 115 GR FMJ ammo made by a reputable company. I recommend staying away from cheaper "junk" ammo as the price difference is minor and not worth the headaches of FTF or FTE malfunctions. Dirt cheap off brand ammo also has a tendency to be "dirtier" and cause much more fouling on your gun which can lead to malfunctions as well.

  10. +p is fine in the px4. The recoil springs in these were originally too strong. Higher pressure rounds will work perfectly. You can go on the Beretta web site and enter your serial number. The will send you a newly engineered recoil spring and it will work much better.

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    Hello Blooze
    Do you know where it located on Beretta's site? I tried to locate it but could not. If you have the link, it would help me a lot.
    Thanks and have a Holiday, and a Happy New Year

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