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    I have my P32 and carry it everyday now. I want to buy a PF9 and a P3AT in the near future. For the money they can't be beat imo.

  3. PF-9.
    It's bigger than the P3AT but is still very thin and hides well even with a T-Shirt.

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    Talking Kel-tec P-11

    Like My Kel-tec Use As A Back Up! But, Might Buy
    Khar 45 Is Also Very Thin. Can Give A Nice Punch!:d
    keep your guard up
    for the home front for this country we love!

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    I love the Kelties!!:D

    I have a P-11 parker, P3AT HC and a Sub 2000 (Berretta).
    I plan on getting a PF-8 if I can locate one in HC.
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    Um... that's PF-9.

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    Thumbs up new site

    Just an FYI -
    New Kel Tec web site. If anyone remembers,(liked it/hated it what ever ) well there is a new range ;

    lots of the same faces but a new more member friendly attitude

    I do not want to get into what everyone thinks about the old range just check out the new one
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    echo_5 Guest

    Thumbs up Kel Tec owners

    ( is the Kel Tec owners' group. By and for the people, this sight is great! lotsa articles and how-to, mods., and accessories.

    -Drive fast and shoot straight

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    I got a PLR16 over the weekend I can't wait to try it out

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    I bought a SU16A a few months ago. Prior to that I had never heard of Keltec. I think after my tax refund a p11 or PF9 is going to replace the Rossi .357 on my hip.

  11. There is a guy here at work that bought one of those p3at and it broke after 3 clips, the factory told him to send it in and they would fix it, and they did. I dont know if this a sign of a bad product or just a badd egg from the factory?
    They never did tell him what went wrong with it.

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