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    Crimson trace now has a laser for the P32 and P3at. It is really nice . It fits real good and works great. Got it today. It is the best one I have seen for the pocket pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johioss View Post
    Ok so I see you guys love your Kel-Tecs. I've been thinking of getting one but can't decide between the P-32 and the P-3at. One of the local gun shops in town only carries the .32 because the guy claims the frame for the .380 is too small for the caliber, making it uncomfortable to shoot. That is not my main concern. Obviously this isn't a range gun and I feel like a .380 is a small enough caliber as is, let alone the .32. Anyone care to weigh in on the benefits of one or the other?
    The P-3AT wouldn't kick that bad if it had a bigger frame. It took me a few magazines before I found a position to hold it comfortably. The challenge is finding somewhere to put your fingers, while still holding onto the gun. It's very small and has a lot of room to jump around if you don't keep a good grip on it. If you never wear gloves while shooting, do it while using this!

    Some people on have reported problems - but you can send it back to Kel-Tec and they'll make some adjustments to turn it into a reliable gun. I have put over 60 rounds through mine so far, without a problem. The action is fairly smooth overall although the trigger is a bit heavy, and taking it apart involves using your thumb as a slide lock.

    The P-3AT won't take home any awards for accuracy, but most cases of self-defense are at fairly close distances. It's pretty good within a few yards, which should be good for most situations. If you're planning on taking out a mass shooter, you may have to get uncomfortably close to get a reliable shot.

    I'd like to see how accurate (with a lot of practice) one could get with one of these very small types of pistols. Incredible accuracy with a .32 or .380 is much more formidable than being a mediocre shot with a .40 or .45.
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  4. Wink P-32

    I just picked one up myself. Can't wait to shoot it.

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    I have a P32 but unfortunately it's in MA and they're now illegal to buy or sell ("Sold" my firearms to my dad while I moved to Jersey) so I have to rebuy it.

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    Kel-tecs are great

    I daily carry either my P-32 or my PF-9. Both fit in the front pockets of jeans inside a DeSantis Nemesis. The 32 fits rear jeans pockets. I have the clip on my P-32 but never use it, but at least it isn't in the way. The Pf-9 is also a nice IWB gun. I use a Stellar rigs vertical kydex. Comfortable and easy to put on.
    According to Kel-tec legend, the P-32 is very, very dependable, but with one minor flaw. It is susceptible to rim lock if you carry a mag of hps. I have never experienced this. I think you would need a partial mag and then drop the gun to jiggle the ammo enough for this to happen. The common solution is carry hp in the tube and on top of the stack. Make the rest fmj. There is also a minor modification for the magazine. I haven't bothered. I carry hydrashoks and they work fine.
    As to my other Kel-tecs, I have a Plr-16 with the compact foreend to which I can attach a really nice folding fore grip I got for $20. I know, that is supposedly a no-no, but I'm not planning on using the damn thing to rob a bank. It is loud!
    Also have a virgin sub2000(glock 9) which I had to buy, it's so neat.
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  7. I love my pf9 but did not know all those models are out of production. I hope they are working on some newer models, does anyone have info.

    I just read a posting from a few months ago that the guy's pf9 after 600 rounds shound excessive wear was loose and had to be re built. Some postings were calling it a cheap gun while others were calling it a quality gun that is inexpensive to make. All of the reviews of the pf9 were favorable but I did't here any talk about the limited number of rounds. Need input from keltec owners.

  9. Im a KelTec fan. P11 is the EDC for both myself and my wife. I plan on picking up a PF9very soon from a buddy of mine. Ill likely just buy at least one of everything they make.

    I really like the P11.

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    If you had to send it back after 600 rounds a lot of Kel-Tec owners would be very unhappy. Just another rumor just like the one that Ruger was suing Kel-Tec on copyright infringements. Hard to do since Ruger copied Kel-Tec.
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    Wink kal-tec

    I carry a 2nd gen P-3at year around. sometimes as my only gun,sometimes as a backup.

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