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    Kahr P380 for the wife but I use it too.
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  3. Just got CW45 with a KUSTOM CONCEALMENT holster will be replacing my KEL TEC PF-9 for edc.

  4. Cw45 here it is my edc no issues out of the box

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    I have the Kahr PM9 with the Crimson Trace Trigger Guard Laser which I pocket carry daily.

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  6. My new CM9 and Foxx Trapp holster=

  7. CM 9 with a Foxx Trapp holster

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    New to USACarry and this forum. I've owned a PM9, CW45, and CW9 for a couple years or more. I like the PM9 and the CW 45 a lot. I got the CW45 first to replace my Colt's Officers. It's a little easier to carry. I got the PM9 for deep carry; for example under a tee shirt. Both these guns shoot very well. I put Trijicon nights sights on the CW45, they're great. Someone pointed out that the gripping surface is too aggressive. I agree; I filed mine down some and that worked. I've since added a Handall Jr and like it just fine. I've hand two issues; I've replaced the recoil spring at about 800 or 900 rds, the factory recommends 800, so that's fine. I was shooting one night during a Club practice session and the slide lock started coming out, so I replaced that spring. These are small things but you do need to keep your eye out for them.

    I put XS Big Dot night sights on my PM9 and, for my old eyes, they are the ticket. By the way, last summer I competed in IDPA BUG (gun) competition and did just fine. I had a little trouble with the long, 25 and 30 yd., shots but other than that did fine. Also, I have the Kahr finger extension base plates on it and a Handall jr grip sleeve.

    I don't carry the CW45 much anymore because I've opted for increased capacity. So now I usually carry a M&P9c. I do still carry the PM9 when wearing a light shirt.

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    I have a Kahr K40 that I carry on occasions when I just can't conceal my primary weapon.

  10. Cm9 and cw9.

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    I bought a couple of Kahrs in search of an easy-to-conceal handgun in 9mm, and my CW9 and P9 have worked out well.

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