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    Midway has them for $22.50, however they are out of stock. You can add it to your wish list and request an email when they come in. MidwayUSA - ProMag Magazine Kahr K9, E9, P9 9mm Luger 8-Round Steel Silver
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  3. Kahr

    I just bought a Kahr K9 and so far really like it. I too would like to buy extra magazines but would like to pay less that the $40.00 on the Kahr website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Plinker View Post
    I'm looking for a good price on mag for my Kahr CW9. Anyone have any suggestions?
    Amazon.com has them for $34.92. Amazon.com: Kahr Arms Replacement Magazine For Kahr Arms Cal 9MM, Finish Blue, Cap 7, Model K9: Sports & Outdoors
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    Pastor Plinker - check out GunBroker.com Online Gun Auction
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  6. I've bought a few magazines for my PM9 and my PM45 from Grizzly Mike's ("Grizzlymikes Outdoor Outfitters : Trek Tents, high peak back packing gear, Tactical Gear, Army Acu Gear, Classic Army, Paha Que Tents, MOLLE gear " - Home Page) and have been really pleased with the prices and quick shipping.
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    Have you guys had luck with third party mags for the Kahr? I'm curious because i had run across some posts that said they weren't so hot.

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    Finally got the PM40 to the range today. Put 100 rds though it with no problems. I'm surprised at how well the pistol shoots and how accurate it is for its size.

  9. I bought a spare mag for the wife's CW9 at a local store for $30. All three stores that we usually deal with had them for about the same price. It is a factory mag.

  10. i have a cw9 that i carry daily it has been flawless through 400 rounds and so comfortable to carry.....was thinking of getting a cw 45 but a friend of mine recently purchased one and we took it to the range for the breakin....it has several issues after the 200 rounds and a good cleaning...the mag drops on the last round almost everytime and if it doesnt dropout...the last round will stovepipe or wedge in the mag..and it jams at times...he contacted kahr and they sent him a new mag catch but im not to sure this will fix all his problems....anyone else had any problems with the 45 i really want one but i want a gun i can trust

  11. I know this is a Kahr thread. We do own a CW9 and it's been a great gun. I don't shoot it much but my wife can blow the center out of a target at 7 yards and group 4" at 15 yards. That said, I LOVE my Glock 45. I really don't think you can go wrong with a Glock, and price wise, they are comparable to most other 45's. I love my G30 so much I'm adopting a big brother for it...A G21.

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