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    [QUOTE=Red Hat;181468]Tin Can Sailor, call Kahr and talk to them about your problem. They have one of the best customer services around. They will either send your replacement parts or have you send the firearm in to be repaired. It has to be some defect in the magazines to cause the slide stop pin to come out. All the pin does is push up the slide stop to lock the slide back after the last round is fired. I have several Kahr's and carry a PM45 daily. I've never had any magazine problems.

    Thanks for the advice. I'll do that.

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    I have a PM9 w/night sights! A great little gun!

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    PM9 - Stainless with black finish, night sights. Iz mah purdy lil' gun.
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  5. Just got a PM9. Quality piece of hardware and a nice shooting iron. Satisfied with my purchase.

  6. Looked at the PF9 but was confused by kel-tec's website, from the FAQ:

    What is the expected life of a Kel-Tec firearm

    All Kel-Tec firearms have an expected life of 6,000 rounds or more.

    Might be picking at nothing here, but lets just say Colt's website left me with the impression of more durability: The Colt Defender™ Series offers the power and performance of a full-sized pistol in a compact, lightweight carry model. Small, lightweight, accurate, and reliable, it is able to withstand everyday wear and frequent practice sessions.

    Everyday and frequent practice sessions.... when I shot more I could go through hundreds of rounds in a couple of hours of leisure fire.

    I was thinking of looking at the pf-9, but was kinda put off by this. What do you say? Why would kel-tec put such a lame "warranty" out on their website?

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    Wouldn't that question be better answered on a Kel-Tec forum? What does Kel-Tec's or for that matter Colt's warranties have to do with KAHR's?

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    It has been a while since the last post, so i will keep it going by saying i am a proud owner of a new Kahr MK40. Awsome gun for its size and recoil is surprisingly tame. I never considerd owing a Kahr because of all the springfield and glock hype, but now i can honestly say that Kahr IMHO is just as good or better in quality, reliability, and customer service as the two before mentioned companies.

  9. I have a PM9 and love it for EDC. With a pocket holster I just drop in ther front pocket of my jeans and go. I am looking a getting a PJ Holster for it as well.

    Bob SW Ohio

  10. I just bought a PM9 and have some questions, but I don't know how to post a new thread. Any hint would be appreciated.

  11. The flush 6 round mag works fine, but the 7 round mag jams a round into the feed ramp. The tech at Kahr said it's from gripping the extension with my pinkie and rocking rhe mag forward. His "fix" was for me to send in the 7 round mag and he'd send me a 6 round mag. Has anyone encountered this is there a fix? Are aftermarket mags more reliable? Thanks.

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