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Thread: Ruger Mark II vs Mark III

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    you might look at the browning buckmark, great shooting and a better trigger action. IMO

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    I bought my MKII used about 15 years ago. I haven't ever had a problem with. I have put several different brands through it and they all work fine. It is very accurate. I have put thousands of rounds through it.

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    my current Ruger .22 MK

    I have had MKi Standard Models [$37.50 back then] and then MK 512 [$57.50] and now I have a MK 10

    I bought this for silhouette shooting years ago. It has a Clark trigger and Millett sights I installed [the front was welded to be about twice as high as standard.]
    I will get a shorter gun to carry, this belt slide cross draw is about the only way to carry this.
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    I'd say any 22 pistol is going to be a personal choice. I have numerous Ruger 22's, MkI, MkII and MkIII. I have a stainless MkIII Hunter with the 4" Heavy Fluted Barrel as my woods walking gun and for work around my property. It's taken it's share of poisonous snakes (I don't shoot the Non-Poisonous ones) rats and Wild dogs and Coons. (they kill my chickens) I also have 2 pre-MkI's. One that my Dad bought in 1959 for me when I was born and the one he extensively used all of those years and I inherited after he passed away. Both of them have been shot, carried, and used extensively. Both have much of the blue worn off, have been underwater a couple of times after falling into water or wading to a duck blind, and have literally thousands and thousands of rounds fired through them. I like the Rugers. They have served me well and I know how to break them down or work on them if needed. It's just I never need to. For the most part they can be cleaned well enough without breaking them down and using toothbrushes, etc to get into the nooks and crannies. I don't think I have ever had to replace a part or spring on any of them in my collection.

    However, I also have 2 Browning Buckmarks, a Beretta Neos, a Browning Challenger, 2 old High Standards, and an S&W 22A, not to mention Glocks, Colts and Kimbers with 22 conversions on them. They are all good guns. They have their good and bad points, but every gun does. Whatever you shoot best and serves you best is a good choice.
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    Yeah, I got the Mark III cause I couldn't find a Mark II.

    Now that we've had it a month (really, it's the wife's), I like everything about it except the mechanism that won't let it fire if the magazine is removed. If in the woods and you drop/lose the magazine, the weapon is useless. It WILL NOT SHOOT single shots at that point! Now, as a camp gun/survival weapon that is NOT GOOD. When I take it apart for it's first cleaning, that mechanism COMES OUT!!!! I understand it's not hard at all to do. The instructions say I need to get three small washers to replace the mechanism, but that's no problem either.

    Also, the key lock is ok too. I've never used it but it doesn't cause a problem.

    The new chamber indicator is not a bad idea and is actually useful. The new mag release position is better.

    Actually, other than the one problem above, it's the same sweet shooting pistol as the Mark I or Mark II.

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    I have the "Target Model" Mark III...the one with the conforming grips.

    I love it. I think it's easy to tear down, but a real bear to re-assemble the first time you try it.

    I've also fired an old Mark I. It shoots every bit as accurately as my Mark III.

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    Easy to break down once you learn, and you can learn in 5 minutes. Aftermarket parts are cheap and plentiful. Shoot almost anything, and run forever.

    Regarding breaking down, some folks shoot thousands and thousands of rounds and never take down their MkII. Just clean the bore and add some lube; it keeps on shooting.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by capo2186 View Post
    If this came up before I apologize. I am admitting right from the start that I did not search I figured I would just ask. Flames are welcome for it!

    Anyone have a liking to one over the other. I would love to pick up a used Mark II however I am not opposed to the Mark III. What do you guys like better? Any reasons for it? Also what does a reasonably priced Mark III go for? Only curious. Thanks for all your help! You guys always provide me feedback that really helps me out. Thanks!

    Depends... if you are getting a "standard" version (not 22/45) I would go with the Mark II.... there is only one thing the mark III has thats better than a mark II IMO, and several things that are worse.... the one better thing is the mag release on the mark III... its in the normal location (behind the trigger guard) while on the MK II its a but plate release. I have one on my MK I and its not unlivable, but I prefer the button.... on the 22/45 though the button is in the standard place behind the trigger guard no matter what you get (mk II or mk III)

    If your heart is set on a 22/45 though, I would go with the Mk III with removable panels.... It feels so right in my hands... the normal 22/45 mk III is to thin, but with the addition of the grip panels, its SWEET!!!

    Any way you go, if you get a mk III the bad features can be removed...

    If I were buying one, it would definitely be a mark III RP, blued with the 4 inch bull bbl....

    oh, and one more thing to consider... I will never buy another gun without adjustable sights... I have two and its ANNOYING (Ruger Mk I and P95) Depending on model either a Mk II or Mk III could have adjustable or non adjustable sights... choose wisely....

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    Mark II 22/45

    If you are keeping a tally of the votes, I love my MII 22/45. I smile everytime I get it out and shoot it.

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    MKII gets my vote too. It was the one gun I absolutely had to have.

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