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    Question Palm Pistol

    The Rumor mill is churning with news that the "Palm Pistol" may be covered by Medicare or Medical Insurance. This is an single shot 9mm that is not into production yet.
    Constitution Arms
    12 Hoffman Street
    Maplewood, NJ 07040-1114
    phone: 973-378-8011
    The Palm Pistol

    I think my daughter ( Who has birth defects) could handle this with her good hand. I also know a guy who has MS and has passed his CPL Classes but has trouble hanging on to larger framed weapons that may be able to benifit from this pistol.

    What do others think about this?

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    neat idea,but one 9mm shot, is not the most reliable defence if it could at least shoot 410 buck shot or hold more ammo. but it shure beats throwing rocks
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    Very interesting. I would like to shoot one of these just to be able to say that I shot one.

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    What is the ATF up to now? Did you notice this little statement in the letter from the ATF? I hate to see what the definition will be after they get through with it!

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    A Quick Update..

    A Quick Update:
    From Fox News - Easy-to-Use 'Palm Pistol' Aimed at Elderly, Disabled - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News

    Easy-to-Use 'Palm Pistol' Aimed at Elderly, Disabled
    Friday , December 05, 2008

    You've heard of the Palm Pilot? Well, here's the Palm Pistol.

    Constitution Arms, a small arms manufacturer based in Maplewood, N.J., is taking deposits for what it touts as the world's first ergonomically designed firearm.

    Intended for use by the elderly and disabled, the single-shot 9-mm weapon looks like a giant bean grasped in the palm of the hand.

    The barrel points out between the user's fingers. You "pull" the trigger by pressing on a thumbed button at the top.

    "Point and shoot couldn't be easier," states the blurb on the product's Web site.

    Even better, Constitution Arms says it's had it certified by the FDA as a "Class I Medical Device." That means doctors could prescribe the handgun to qualified patients, who would then have some or all of the cost reimbursed by Medicare or private insurance.

    The gun will cost about $300. A deposit to get yours when it's ready is $25, though Constitution Arms doesn't say exactly when that will be.

    Click here for the Palm Pistol Web site.

    Click here for the product specification sheet (pdf).

    Click here for's Patents and Innovation Center.
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    Self defense? Don't think so. I'm thinking it's more of a DIY suicide device. Only one shot in a SD situation is't very practical, but if you're using it for a suicide, it's highly unlikely the person is going to "miss".

    I can see this as a very bad device. There are a lot of other better alternatives out there.

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  8. did anybody catch that the headline reads "...aimed at elderly, disabled"?

  9. Palm Pistol

    I have to agree with Glock Fan on this one. When I have had people ask me about a double barrel shotgun for home defense, I have always counselled that two shots is too few for adequate self defense. I felt the minimum for self defense was a pistol I carried as an off-duty piece, called the COP. This was a four shot .357 magnum pistol that I felt barely met the need. While not a six-shooter at least, it did give four powerful shots. One round is just not adequate to self defense use, while as a suicide tool it really fills the bill as it would be almost impossible to miss with this. Since when are doctors recognized as experts in the self-defensive use of firearms? You would have to be a perfect marksman with a one-shot weapon, something most elderly and disabled are not, unfortunately.
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    I liked the part on the web site that said you could add a laser or rail to the palm pistol. I'd like to see one fully tricked out....maybe with a bayonett.

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    Well the medicare part of the plan is dead, the FDA revoked their registration and Medicare said they would not have ever paid for it anyway.

    There is not even a working prototype of it, the company just wanted to register it as a medical device and start taking orders from seniors.

    We at least can now name the thing ... S.C.A.M.

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