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Thread: concealed carry 45

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    Smile Carry .45

    XD .45 Compact. 5'10" 175 lbs. Conceals easily in a crossbreed supertuck, cant beat the price, and operation is flawless. Over 2,000 rounds without a hiccup.

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    Kahr tp45 the only 45 close to the feel of a 1911, slightly slimmer and accuracy on par with my 1911 out to 15 yards, 7 shots(freestanding both eyes open fast as I can get a sight pic.) one ragged hole the size of a quarter. what else do you need from a 19 oz. carry gun boasting a mere 4" barrel. and contrary th the PM45's and P45 reps the TP has had not one malfunction in almost 1k rounds since purchase even during break in.

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    My .45 ACP choices

    A little late in this thread.

    Here's what I currently have;
    • EAA Witness Steel Compact
    • Para-Ord P-12.45
    • S&W 4516-1
    • S&W CS45

    Others I would consider and are on my to add to my collection list;

    • Para-Ord P-10.45/Warthog
    • Para-Ord P-13.45 or equivalent Commander model.
    • S&W 457
    • Springfield Armory 1911A1 (Officers 3 to 3.5" barrel or Commanders Model 4" barrel)
    • Springfield Armory XD Compact
    • Taurus 945B

    For 1911 pistols, I will only own Para-Ord or Springfield Armory. I do not like Glocks and Glock clones like the S&W M&P, Sigma and 99 with the exception of the SA XD. I prefer steel framed .45s, if possible, although that is getting more difficult to find new.
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    Kimber Ultra carryII 45 Is about as good as it gets. They are not that bad in price if you shop for FFL dealers that don't work out of a store front. You would be able to depend your life on it going bang. Glocks and XD's are good too. Good holster is a must with any firearm.
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    Seems to be the correct thread for this .....

    I am looking for a double action only 45 1911 style pistol. I pawed a P.O. carry 9 today but the problem is .... its a 9mm and I want a 45. Other then the Para, any of the others offer a double action pistol? Suggestions, comments,

    and yes, I know it wont be cheap. I have already decided its going to cost me about a grand or so.


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    Take a look at SigSauer the 220 line is mostly .45 I believe they have others. I do have a 220 carry elite with the decocker it starts out DA then to SA. They have DA only. You name it Sig has it. They are awesome shooters. I have hard time in winter not to carry my Sig BUT I love my Kimber Ultra CarryII. It always with me.
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  8. Colt Defender:

    Love it.

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    I use the PT-145 and it is one of the best for concealment that I've ever seen. Great fire power in a fairley small package!!
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    i'm thinking of getting a glock 30 for my CCW (when i get my permit )... i have a kimber pro tle/rl II right now but the weight of the gun is too much for me to comfortably carry concealed... i'm not a big guy, 6'2" 150,... tall and lanky, and i know the lighter weight of the glock will help tons... plus it carries 2 more life stoppers than the kimber...

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    I'm had been a Glock guy myself, but while looking for the 21SF I decided to hold the Springfield XD and the Taurus 24/7 OSS DS. The Taurus actually fit my hand the best of all of them, and so I read as much as I could on just the Taurus 24/7 OSS DS and that is what I purchased. Even though it a fullsize .45 ACP it will not be hard to conceal as some think.

    Now that I have said that, "What fits your hand the best?" as you will be the one to be carrying what you purchase.
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