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    I picked up a Firestorm Compact Duo-tone 45 for under $300. Being Compact it carries very well and it's as accurate as my Colt Gov 1911. Just look around there are more 1911 style 45's out there than any other weapon made.
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    Kimber Ultra CDP II. My life is worth the best.
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    I just got back from a little two day get away.I have considered and actually have been looking at the glock and RIA as possible choices along with charles daily as another option.The bersa is a fine handgun as i have the 40 caliber version but i am looking for something a little different.I have checked out the springfield XD and the S&W M&P and both are also nice guns.I really like the kimber,but they are a little more than i can spend right now,but i have also considered waiting another few months and saving more money and checking out the higher dollar guns a bit more.Another gun that catches my attention is the colt lightweight commander and again,it`s up their with the kimbers and sigs as far as pricing goes,but then again if it`s going to be a gun sor SD then can you really put a price on your own safety.I appreciate everyones input as it has given me some more choices to consider for my final decision.

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    I carry a Ruger p345. Kind of big, but it's thin. Kind of heavy, but it does have a polymer frame. I really like it. It shoots very well for me. It is certainly a bargain for what it cost. If it is like the other Ruger I have (P89). You could run over it with a truck and it would still function flawlessly. I haven't tried this but I am confident. I have only had the P345 for about a month, but it has become my favorite handgun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishi View Post
    That springfield XD just might be my next pistol. I'd like a .45, but the 1911 just doesn't do much for me (sorry, not trying to step on toes)
    Well Ishi we are going to have to work on that. The 1911 is a pistol that does take some time on the range to master, but after you learn how to control the muzzle flip most people learn to love them. :D :D :D
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    My SA Micro-Compact and Kimber Ultra CDPII. I would depend on no less.

    How much is your life worth??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Big and slow , I resemble that statement. What is this groups feelings of 357 sig?
    Of the common cartridges, the .357sig is the highest energy short-action pistol caliber on the market at this time. Practice ammo is the same price (sometimes cheaper) than .45acp, and it is not down-loaded like other calibers... so you practice with the same recoil impulse as your carry ammo.

    .357sig is designed for carry, it's admittedly impractical as a low-recoil plinking round, since 9mm exists, but when it comes to terminal performance the cartridge delivers with the best of them. 10mm is really the only thing better in an autoloader. It handily matches the performance of .357magnum from a snubby, which has been the standard by which cartridges are judged for decades... It is roughly the equivalent of .38super +p and 9x23win, only with far more choices of factory ammo and guns it can be chambered in.

    The common argument is that .357sig is really no better than 9mm +p+... when in reality, few pistols can handle a steady diet of the excessively loaded +p+, so practice is misleading when using std pressure cartridges and carrying +p+. Besides that, 9mm +p+ still falls 100-200fps short of the velocity of .357sig max loads... just like it falls short of .357magnum.

    .357magnum has more potential than .357sig, simply due to case capacity and the fact that more revolvers and lever-rifles have the barrel length to get the most out of it. But size for size, the .357sig matches it in any duty load which tests using comparable barrel lengths.

    Anyone who admits that .357magnum is head and shoulders above 9mm, but fails to recognize that .357sig is, as well, is simply biased.

    Between .357sig and .45acp, the only advantages .45acp has are a larger unexpanded diameter and lower noise. Every other performance and practicality aspect is a win for the .357sig, including the ability to shoot slightly cheaper and more common .40s&w ammo by simply swapping barrels.

    So, if you've decided to pay a premium for a powerful SD caliber, pick the one which outperforms.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EdMaxx View Post
    I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45 Compact 4" and I love it.

    What holster do you use?

  10. Come on guys, admit it; you just want one! High ticket "name" guns I mean.

    In this and other forums I have read comments like, "when your life is at risk don't settle for anything but the best". This is usually followed by the posters mentioning his favorite gun.

    If I believed those claims I would be terrified to walk around with my lowly Taurus PT 1911 Instead of Kimber. I'm a dead man walking unless I have a $3500 Wilson Combat 1911.

    Funny, but my Taurus has never had a FTF, or FTE. It can hit accurately far beyond my shooting ability. Same for my XD.

    A guy came to our range recently with a brand new Kimber. He and his dad had each bought identical models. He was testing his dad's for the last time before sending it in for repairs. His dad had been a one time pistol champion. The $ 1300 Kimber was shooting about 8 inches low and 3-4 inches left. My $ 600 Taurus wasn't.

    If you can afford a high ticket item and want one get it. But stop rationalizing that it is a necessity unless you want to endanger yourself and your loved ones.

    I find that argument to be particularly silly when, as I have also read several times, someone is advised to wait a few months to save up more money so one can buy that higher priced name. What if SHTF during that several months?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puppy View Post
    ...What if SHTF during that several months?
    This is why everyone should have an SKS, a Makarov, a few hundred rounds of ammo for each squirrelled away... at least until they have replaced them with guns they want more, which have proven to be dependable.

    A proper SD tool does not have to cost several thousand dollars. But there's nothing wrong with getting one that does, either, as long as it works for you.

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