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    Kimber here also

    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry. Its been a wonderful gun for me. Carry it every day IWB in a Comp-Tac Infidal holster. Shoots great at the range and only had one issue due to me limp wristing it.

    I will admit I was going to buy a XD but found the Kimber for a steal! Gun (After it had 50 rounds through it) and 2 holsters for $450!

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    My CDP is my only stock gun. Everything else, Colt, Springfield, Sig, Para and S&W have been sent off to smiths to get the options I wanted. It's my primary carry.

    Ciost on a Ultra CDP II is 1043.00 well worth the money. I have guns that the smithing bill was well over 2K wothout the pricew of the gun. The kimber is just as good with all features I wanted.

    I find the inexpensive gun comments very funny. Most shootings are in dim light, no light. Do you have night sites? You better, that's what the stats say.I shoot right and lef handed. Ambi safeties are a must. Match trigger, funnel mag wells are very basic.

    That's what I mean by what is my life worth. I want the best! That's does not mean the most expensive. No I do not have Clark, Wilson, Baer or Brown guns. Yes, they have worked on my "O" frames in the past. I just won't pay 2,400.00 my cost for something I can get from Kimber for 1043.00
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  4. I'm afraid I'm in the "spend what you're worth" category.

    I have a Springfield Loaded Champion at about $1000.00 and 5 Sig Sauer P-220's all in the $900.00 + range. I'm not rich and never will be but I personally wouldn't buy an inexpensive .45, that's just me! ;)

    Here's the Springfield:

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

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    It`s funny you mention the "cost" conversation.I believe that you can get a lemon no matter what the brand or price and we can probably all agree that we mostly buy what we can afford,but for me personally there are several reasons why i choose a handgun.I of course want the gun to be dependable if it is going to be carried for personal protection and cost is a big factor since everyone can`t afford big dollar guns.I am also a looks man and know i`m not alone when i say this.It has to catch my eye to gain my interest when i first see it and then i will start my research from there.Of course caliber is a factor and we all have verying opinions on that and then of course the ability to be concealed,so i guess most of us choose a gun for the same basic needs,but buy what we can afford and try to get as much gun for our dollar that we can.And yes,there are some who will only buy top dollar guns because they believe that the rest are substandard,but choice is what it`s all about and buying what makes you feel good.So many guns,not enough money!

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    I've seen too many $1000+ guns malfunction or underperform to believe that they are all worth that much. There is a point of diminishing returns between the correlation of cost and quality, and any gunmaker who can't produce a dependable, accurate new firearm for $500-$750 in this market is doing a disservice to the industry... On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with buying an ornamental piece which one simply wants... I certainly do; but as an extreme example, I'm under no illusion that a $3000 Wilson Combat 1911 is 6X the gun compared to a RIA Tactical, XD, Glock, etc... There are some quality differences, of course, but not an extra $2500 worth. (and yes, I've ran my share of $3000 pistols).

  7. Quote Originally Posted by molonlabetn View Post

    A proper SD tool does not have to cost several thousand dollars. But there's nothing wrong with getting one that does, either, as long as it works for you.
    I agree! But the rationalization that somehow you are risking your life unless you have a gun costing over $ 1,000 is pure and simple nonsense. Admit it guys! You just want it!

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    Keep in mind

    that if (God forbid) you ever use that pistol in a SD situation, that it's going to be confiscated and you won't get it back until all the dust settles...maybe not at all if there is anything questionable.

    I would hate to think of my $1k plus piece laying in a property room, being test fired, put up dirty, written on with markers, tossed around, scratched up, available to somehow 'disappear' at the whim of a less then honest LEO. It does happen.

    Even if I could afford these high end shooters, I wouldn't choose one for EDC. I'd much prefer to lose my 'low end' easy to replace piece, even for awile, than a high dollar one.

    The one I carry didn't cost me more than $300 when I bought it 3 years ago. It has always performed well, goes bang everytime, and it ain't real purty, but it damn sure works.

    Bersa Thunder T45UC, matte

  9. So it's not a problem if the bad guy stops to laugh before you shoot him. Ha Ha Ha thats just an old jennings saturday night special. Thats right dirt bag but its monday.

  10. Off-Duty I carry what I want.

    My carry selections rum the gamut from "inexspensive" to "megadollar" beauties. Right now my EDC is an N-Frame revolver in 45 ACP with a J-Frame 38 SPL as a BUG. I'll be switching to a 3" Ruger GP100 in .357 Magnum after the New Year.

    The reason for the switch? I WANT to carry the 125 grain JHP .357 Magnum again after meeting someone that scared the living bejesus out of me. I'm having the GP100 "worked over" by a nationally "known" gunsmith. The working on will cost more than I paid for the gun.

    The .357 Sig is a great round, but doesn't have the versatility of the Magnum, just more capacity. Also, it was designed to "ballistically copy the 125 grain .357 Magnum 125 grain JHP. No matter what round I carry, I still have to do my part and put the bullets where they will do the most good. My next "bottomfeeder" will probably be a 40 S&W because ammo is easier to find.

    For my Off-Duty carry guns it's more about the gun "platform" and caliber than anything else. I do not and will not carry a 1911 style gun. My Glock has a NY1 Trigger and I love my Kahr. I grew up on good revolvers and still use them today.


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    I do agree with you puppy that a good gun for concealed carry doesn`t have to cost a fortune and will function just a well at protecting your life as a top dollar gun will.You see a lot of that attitude when visiting gun stores that sell top dollar guns and you go in asking for a bersa and they look at you like you had two heads and snakes for hair.I founf a dealer that actually steered me away from a top dollar gun and introduced me to my bersa and i am glad he did.It has functioned flawlessly since i have owner it and i would buy another tomorrow without a second thought.

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