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  1. When I carry an auto, it's the very dependable Glock 36, slimline, 45. Otherwise, it's a S&W 340 PD .357. At 11.5 ounces it's easy to conceal, no hammer to snag, and equally dependable.

  3. Since I don't see it mentioned yet: AMT Backup DAO .45

    It's main claim to fame is that it's still the smallest .45 semi-auto on the planet. Yes the trigger pull is heavy, but some polishing helped a lot. Mine has been 100% reliable and it's more accurate than I have any right to expect.

    You might find a good used one and I've been told that the new High Standard company is putting these back into production.
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  4. I resemble that statement.Does that a weapon pointed at me sucks?Sig said all things revolve around sex,I think he was half cocked.

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    I like the Kimber Raptor in 45 cal. in a three inch barrel. I like it because of its easy concealment capabiliities. I usually carry it in a Galco holster. I feel the 45 cal bullet has the greatest stopping power.

  6. What about a dan wesson cobo the bobtail is so easy to cc i have pistols from 450 ria's to complet build ted yost an the cobc or my ed browd bobtailed sf work the besr . And it's not the cost when i carry it.s what i shoot the best if it's the ria or my yost if it works at the time . T han if i had to give it up then so be it at lest i know it worked

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdMaxx View Post
    I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45 Compact 4" and I love it.
    +1 on the XD Compact, this is a superb weapon, and as far as .45's go, this is the entire package, I highly recommend it, it's a POA=POI gun, and it's a workhorse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    FBI's one-stop power ratings [from years ago, anyways] was that the 125 grain jacketed hollowpoint .357 round was the all-time best of the bunch.
    The trouble with the FBI and other calcified thinking bureaucracies is a one size fits all mentality. We all have different body types and different motor skills. I EDC a 45fs because that is what felt the best to me when I tried it at the range. I also tried a 9 and a 40. I EDC an M&P because that is what felt best to me. I also tried an XD and a Glock.

    I have now acquired an M&P 45c. I like it even better than my M&P 45fs. It will become my EDC as soon as Crimson Trace comes up for a model to fit it.
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    I carry a .45 Glock 21. or
    my full size Service Model: .45 Randall 1911.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JC40 View Post
    I am a 45 person and am looking into a nice concealed carry version that won`t break the bank account to buy.I`m sure i`m not the only person partial to 45`s so how about some suggestions from experience with a particular brand or just personal prefferences.I am curiuos to hear others opinions.
    I too am a .45 fan. My choice is the ruger P345. Mine shoots great 4.5 barrell lite kick back. easy to conceal in shoulder or belt holster. (i'm 6ft 1 ) safety on both sides.(lefty here) over all its a great gun..

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    Sorry about the length of this post despite its rather verbose appearance I did try to make it concise and to the point. Hopefully you will find something in it that is informative and useful to you.

    I have said this before and probably will again there are many guns that are far prettier than an XD. There are even some that are more accurate. But there are none that are more reliable or better suited for EDC than an XD.45 compact. Of course I am biased its the gun I picked to defend my family's life with. Having carried off and on since 1975, the XD.45 compact is the best SD EDC I have ever had. IMHO the best there is. With well over 3,200 rounds through it without a single FTF I know it is rock solid reliable. Hits everything I point it at. Eats everything I feed it. Simple to clean & maintain. The grip and trigger safeties are natural and intuitive. No manual safety to confuse matters or cause a delay when death is breathing down your neck and nano seconds count. In a K&D Holster, my XD is infinitely concealable and a breeze to carry all day long. making it ideal for EDC. The ten round compact magazine holds more than a full size 1911 plus one in the pipe for eleven total and thirteen in the spare mag for twenty four out the door. A lot of 230 gr. Federal HST flower power for the BG.

    Based on my research, tests, and experience HST has proven to be the most effective .45 round made bar none. Reliable, accurate with great penetration HST consistently expands to the full size of a quarter with six distinct wicked petals no matter what it is shot into or through, without separation. No other round can honestly make that claim.

    What continues to amaze me is that even though this is a compact .45. It is just a blast to shoot. I have never felt beat up or sore from shooting it as I have with other compact .45's. I swear I am a better shot because of it. Being old I never ever thought I'd be shooting tupperware much less praising it but now I can not imagine a better EDC for me. She isn't a beauty queen. As I said you can get lots of prettier guns but none that function day in and day out better than my XD.45.

    I have addedTruGlo fiber optic night sights that give me excellent sight picture day or night, more impressively during the light transition between light & dark when other night sights are worthless. They glow bright and clear in bright sunlight, in the pitch black of the darkest night or during grey of dusk & dawn. No matter what the lighting conditions are TruGlow sights Glow True.

    For a laser, after much research and testing I added a compact laser from Laserlyte Laser. It is small, and compact, CNC'ed from aircraft grade aluminum. It is smaller and more durable than the Laser Max Uni with a brighter laser. If I were to do it again I would get their new sub compact model as it allows you to retain the rail so you can add a light under it if you wish.

    I carry my XD in one of three K&D Holster depending on the season and what I am wearing. If I had to pick only one it would be the Dakota Defender as it conceals the very best even under just a tank top and shorts and is extraordinarily comfortable. Kevin at K&D Holster is a genuine master craftmans making true works of art from the finest grades of leather available. His holsters are true customs and he had no problem making each of my holsters accommodate my XD.45 compact with the LaserLyte and TruGlo sights. They provide excellent retention, the holster gets a solid grip on your gun yet the draw is slick quick and smooth. Not only can you see how precise the tooling (boning) is capturing every detail of your gun inside as well as on the outside of the holster but you can feel it. When you holster your gun it snaps into place, like two pieces of precision made machinery mating together

    My last modification will be a Springer Precision trigger job to get a crisp 4.5 pound trigger pull with a shorter take up and reset. Out of the box the XD trigger is decent if a bit stiff. There is a bit of a take up which I do not mind for a SD carry gun than a firm but smooth seven pound trigger pull. After about 500 rounds the pull lightens just enough to notice and again I am told at 5,000 rounds. Most are happy with XD trigger stock and it is far better than many others. Never gritty ragged or mushy and seven pounds is not by any definition excessive. So a trigger job is more a matter of personal preference than necessity.

    Top it off Springfield-Armory's life time warranty and Springfield-Armory's acclaimed customer service and you are good to go for life.

    Here are some links to some XD articles if you want to do some reading on them. Pretty impressive that after being on the market all these years they are still writing raves review of it. So there are some newer ones out there if you look

    XD Torture test
    The XD Goes ACP
    Springfield's XD Keeps On Growing
    Springfield's XD .45
    Sizing Down, Powering Up
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