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Thread: Differences Between P226 and P229

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    The P226 is slightly longer on both the barrel and the handle. The P229 is a little bit "top heavy" whereas the 226 is better balanced imo. The P226 works with my hands a lot better than the p229, hence, I picked up the 226. That said, I probably would have gone with the 229 if it worked better with my hands.

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    I have p229 and love it, i've held the 226 and it's just way to big. i say go with the p229, or with the p-239 single stack gun.

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    I have both. I have concealed carry both. The P229 is a bit more easy to conceal. I am overweight but not like that guy that was arrested and had that pistol hidden in his fat rolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    I'm no expert, but I think the 226 is 9mm and the 229 is .40 S&W
    You can get a 226 in a .40 caliber also. Example the eqiunak or Dax. This information is on the Sig Sauer website. I have the 226 9mm but I would like to get the 226 equinax.

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    Safety Message that Sig Sauer missed.
    I recently received my .357 Sig barrel (after waiting 3 months), and suddenly realized that I could easily load .40S&W bullets into the magazine and FORGOT TO CHANGE THE BARREL BACK TO .40 cal. I re-read the Sig owners manual and although they warn the user several times about using the proper ammo, the interchangeability that I now have bears special precautions.
    From now on, I install the pistol (barrel) for whatever round I want to take to the range, and load up the magazines (I have four) with the matching ammo. I do this ALONE, at home. AND . . . I leave the OTHER ammo (and the other barrel) at home. It's easy to get distracted at the range and it's just not worth the risk making the wrong change and using the wrong round for the barrel.
    I think this needs a special warning to anyone buying a second barrel for ANY pistol . . . Sig, Glock, Thompson-Center, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rht4162 View Post
    ok guys and gals i think i finally decided on my first handgun for carry range and home defense. i am looking at the sig p229 elite. i have heard amazing things about the p226 but what are the main differences between the two? also what do you guys think of the 226 elite against the other variations.

    i personally enjoy the DA/SA trigger and will be going for the .40 sw that is the caliber i am set on.

    The 229 is smaller and more suited to concealed carry. I carried a 226 as a service weapon when I worked armed in Virginia. Both good guns, although if it was my choice, I'd probably go with the 9mm. Also, would consider the Walther PPQ M2, unless you're dead set against an SAO striker fired gun. If you go with the Sig, look at the SAS versions, as they are all smoothed and radiused to prevent snagging for drawing from concealment, and for an EDC that's what you'll want.

    Why Many Agencies are Switching to the 9mm - USA Carry
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    click above for specs on the Sig Sauer website.
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