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    I carry the Kimber Ultra CDP II. With Ranger "T" 45+p loads. It matches the FPS of the regular "T" in a 5".
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    Bersa Thunder .45. You can find these for under $500. Bersa's are inexpensive, as opposed to cheap...and are very reliable.

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    I use 230gr Remington Golden Sabers in my Taurus PT-145. I have also used 230gr Speer Gold Dot HP's designed specifically for Short Barrel Firearms. Both cycle very well. I've never had a round hang.
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    3" Barrel SubCompact .45

    I've got the Taurus PT145 that everyone else has already spoken of here. Again - 100% reliable, getting close to 1,000 round through it, no issues - BUT - I think if you are going to bet your life on this one, you had better train enough to get through the very long trigger stroke (common to most of these DA autos) and the "funny little break" that mine does at the end.

    The reason that I bought the Taurus was that I can't think of a better all around weapon/cartridge than the subcompact .45 acp. It is entirely arguable as to which one is "best" and I'll admit that the Taurus is ineligant.

    However, it has a specific purpose for me. It allows me to constantly have a gun in the car and risk $300, and allow my two Colt Officer Models to remain safe! So yeah, I've got 3 of these, am completely biased and would recommend them to anyone. And recoil? It's not a 9mm, but any of my 3 are completely controllable to me.

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    The compact Taurus .45s are a good choice, and quite inexpensive.
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    3" 45

    A good quality gun makes the difference. I just finished a 4 day defensive handgun course at Front Sight using my Kahr PM45 and I experienced no displeasure or pain. It does produce quite a bit of muzzle flash at night but not enough to ruin night vision. I also have a Kimber Ultra carry in 45 that is even kinder than the Kahr. It is a little heavier so it absorbs recoil well. I also have a Kahr 9mm that I shot on fifth day and it felt like a 22 next to the 45 I shot all week. I like big holes and stopped foes - so 45 is my carry.

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    My S&W CS45 has been flawless. The only issue I have had with it was with the range ammo when I renewed my NV CFP last October. I suspect their .45 ACP TMJ ammo had a low charge to cycle the action properly. I use any ammo I buy and it works without issue.

    I have a Para Hawg on my to acquire list. My P-12.45 has been flawless.
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    Interesting post. 1911 pattern guns with shorter than 4" barrels have a bad reputation for malfunctions. A couple of months back I shot a BUG match where four guys were using 3" 1911s. I know one was a Kimber and another was a Springfield. Not sure about the other two. All of them suffered a failure of some sort. Mostly feed ramp jams that didn't want to clear quickly. Needless to say these guys did not rank well at the end. One made up his mind to get rid of his gun.

    Have any of you folks with the 3" 1911s ever shot rapid fire strings through them? Have any of you had any reliability work done on them? I'm curious as the glowing reports don't match my personal experiences with the shorty 1911s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalexbouv View Post
    The reason that I bought the Taurus was that I can't think of a better all around weapon/cartridge than the subcompact .45 acp. It is entirely arguable as to which one is "best" and I'll admit that the Taurus is ineligant.
    It's a bit chunky and square-shaped, but it's comfortable even in the generic Galco that I picked up in the store. I like the grip angle, too. Cosmetically, the gun as a whole looks like the illegitimate child of an XD and a S&W M&P. Not a bad thing, necessarily. Anyway, it's designed to fire projectiles of lead at high velocity, not win beauty contests.
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  11. 3" barrel

    Kaymen, Find a good gunsmith and inquire about getting the feed ramp fitted and polished. this is a fairly inexpensive procedure that greatly improves the feeding reliability of ammo in any 1911-type .45 pistol, regardless of barrel length. I had a 1911 once that was picky about the ammo I fed it untiil Roy Nye worked over the feed ramp and chamber throat and then I could feed it anything, including hearing aid batteries loaded in .45 brass.
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