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    Range report - my XDm-9 is shooting 2" high at 10 yards with 115 gr. FMJ ammo. It's still an awesome pistol, but I'll be sending it back to get fine tuned.
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    This months issue (02/09) of "Guns & Ammo" Mag came in today. Nice spread on the XD-M/9 to read. It even has pictures I might understand....
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    Have to ask. What's the difference between the XD and the XDM?

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    The XD-M has:
    • Increased ammo capacity, 16 round mags for .40 S&W and 19 round mags for 9mm.
    • Match barrel, supposed to improve accuracy by 20%, but I haven't seen any hard data on this.
    • Different sights.
    • Interchangeable grip backstraps to fine tune the fit to your hand.
    • Ability to field strip without having to pull the trigger prior to taking the slide off.
    • New grip texture pattern for improved grip, 30% less tendency for the gun to twist in your hand.
    • More slots in the forward rail for attachment mounting.
    • Shorter trigger reset distance.
    • Different slide profile.
    • Different slide serrations for improved grasp while cycling.
    • A melonite finish.

    I think that's all, but the barrel may be slightly longer. Not sure about that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by {TEX**Hawaii(( View Post
    Tattedupboy Wrote:

    The XD-M does come in .40. Here is the link....index (click on Specs and then .40 S&W)
    I know that the XD is available in a .40 caliber. What I meant by my last comment is that if they would develop a .40 or .45 cal with a 19 round magazine, I'd be interested.
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    I have the XD-45, with 13 round magazines and only a grip safety and a Glock-type trigger safety. I think if they packed another 6 rounds in the magazine, I would not be able to hold it. lol. 13+1 is plenty for me, especially if I carry two spare mags, giving me a total amount of ammo of 40 rounds. They say most gunfights involve only about 4-5 rounds. My gun can't be sold in California, and there is even a sticker on the case to that effect. California requires 10 round mags. My XD also has no frame mounted safety (they do make an XD with this feature). I like the idea of being able to bring the weapon into action without having to remember to sweep a safety off or thumb back the hammer. It is like using the Smith & Wesson revolver I once used, pull, aim and pull the trigger. I love this weapon.
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