I Think I Have Found My First Gun P99
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Thread: I Think I Have Found My First Gun P99

  1. I Think I Have Found My First Gun P99

    it was down to an apples to apples argument with me, the sig 229 or the walther p99. both in a .40sw caliber. all and all i think im going with the p99QA because first, they are both reliable, second the walther is thinner and also the walther is slightly more appealing as far as looks go. what do you guys think of the decision?

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    I would like to eventually get the Walther P99, and a Sig P229 as well. Currently I have a P226, and I love it. Personally, I think you'll be satisfied with either gun.

    If this is going to be for concealed carry, don't choose it by looks (after all, it'll be concealed). Even for open carry, don't choose by looks--choose for performance and reliability.

  4. it is thinner than the sig which is why it won out, but the fact that it looks better is just a bonus.

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    Either one would be a fine gun. Sigs and Walthers are both very near the top of my list of the best weapons.
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    I bought an OD green P99QA in 9mm after handling as many guns as I could find. I couldn't test one, but I don't regret buying it. It is a sweet pistol that is deadly accurate, and it's fun to shoot. I put the small grip on the back, and it feels like an extension of my arm. My girlfriend loves it too. She's been wanting a pistol since I had the fever, and the feel and fit of the Walther has spoiled her.

    When my license comes in, it will be my carry pistol. I'll have to find her something soon, or she may steal it.

    I agree that the looks are a bonus. Very slick-looking piece of hardware. tl;dr GET THE P99!

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